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A dad with grace and humor for #HopeTuesday…

She was chewing on a French pastry, he had her pacifier in his mouth. I’m not a dad so I don’t know how these things work, but the incongruity of it was surprising and delightful. I also think this man showed a lot of humor and grace by keeping his kid’s chew toy in his mouth so some stranger could snap a picture of him in public.

I figure if I had ever decided to be a father, I’d have wanted to be this guy instead of the tight-ass my own dad was…

(Midtown Market, Brisbane, California 2016. See more of my work here.)

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  1. That’s easy, no hands available as that comforter needs to be kept safe too, so the last available slot got taken! You should check out the “how to dad” videos also, they are great.

  2. i have a few pictures of my husband like that from when our boys were that ages. they were adorable moments. he completely is the guy that will do the imaginary tea parties with the boys and follows the rule that if a small child hands you a toy phone, you must answer it. 😀 it warms my heart to see stuff like this normalized. because dads like this are worth their weight in gold. this picture warmed my heart and made me smile after a rotten day. thank you so much for sharing it in all of its adorableness.

    • As a photojournalist I wouldn’t be doing my instinctual job if I took for granted or ignored moments in life like this, even though, as I said, I’m not a father and don’t want to be. Seeing the beauty in a circumstance rather alien to me is one of the greatest joys in my life.