Category: American Culture

Fighting the darkness


The very first things I wrote about the internet were dark: hate groups, right wing extremists, and their ability to do harm in cyberspace. Twenty-three years ago I began an academic relationship […]

How we get to the snacks


So, the coronavirus, yeah. How are you holding up? It’s crazy out there, right? Not like ‘violence in the streets’ crazy, not yet, but nutty enough. I really hope you’ve got enough […]

The Fall of Rome, pt 2


This country looks like one that’s about to learn some things the hard way. Riffing on Sam’s post about Rome… We all got taught that Rome fell when the barbarians sacked Rome. […]



Gateway to a photo album of seething humanity… I’ve shopped in a lot of 7-11s in my life. Maybe you have too. I only started photographing people I’d encounter at 7-11 a […]