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Defying the ever-lovin' lyin' blitz

Beware: Ryan is smoother, slicker and more treacherous than the Palin Ninny, miscast starlet who never overcame (or realizes to this day) her appearance in the wrong movie.The mystery remains why an unpopular, distrusted campaign, with the base in tow and desperate to reach the information-averse undecideds, fired blank cartridges at party fanatics, not decisive November voters.

Summer in the GOP Asylum: "Who are these guys?"

If it weren’t so well funded, the GOP farce could be serious. As it is, Romney is trying hard to make his election run offer as much amusement as Palin did for McCain. And even more support comedy from other GOP sources plays on, to our delight. The parade follows logic, to that degree, when buffoons talk policy, blunders will blossom forth.

Paul Ryan: stock right wing VP hitman

The reason Romney picked Ryan, after the smoke has cleared? Make this a base vs. base election. In this regard, Romney followed entrenched GOP convention: run a perceived moderate on top, then add “credibility” with a radical, extremist V.P. In short, a stock party hitman — Paul Ryan.

Three cheers for Mitt’s yankee tax shrewdness

I stand up to defend Mitt Romney’s brilliant tax planning, the surest way to preserve capital. And since he had so much more money to preserve, of course he had to work harder at it. My defense rests on MItt honoring our most sacred secular commandments, based on self-interest and the keys to our exceptionalism.