NFLPA threatens to do the right thing; time will tell

Last week I called out the NFL Players Association for sitting idly by while the league screws the refs.

You’d think a group of people who came out of that process as mad as the NFLPA membership did would be more than happy to stand up for the zebras. You’d think a group of people who hate Roger Goodell as bad as the players do – and trust me, they hate him a lot – would be looking for any opportunity to do the right thing, even if it’s for the wrong reasons. You’d think they’d sack up and refuse to play until the NFL pulled its head out of its ass.

You’d think. But apparently you’d be wrong. New motto of the NFLPA: I got mine, and fuck you.

Well, finally, FINALLY the NFLPA has grown a set.

NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith called the league’s lockout of officials “absurd” and would not rule out a players strike.

In a recent interview with, Smith cited widespread concerns over players’ long-term health, claiming that replacement referees have created an environment that jeopardizes player safety.

“In America it is the employer’s obligation to provide as safe a working environment as possible,” Smith told the website. “We believe that if the National Football League fails in that obligation, we reserve the right to seek any relief that we believe is appropriate. The NFL has chosen to prevent the very officials that they have trained, championed and cultivated for decades to be on the field to protect players and — by their own admission — further our goal of enhanced safety. That is absurd on its face.”

Well, they’re threatening to grow a set, anyway. We’ll see what they actually do, shan’t we? Fingers crossed – it would be refreshing to see a group with this much power actually doing the right thing and standing behind the little guy, wouldn’t it?

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