Herman Cain is unfit to be President

I have no idea whether Herman Cain did or did not assault the four women who have accused him of sexual assault. But something he said during his press conference last Tuesday has me very suspicious. According to news reports, Cain said the following at least twice:

I have never acted inappropriately with anyone. Period.

Why does this statement make me suspicious, you ask? Simply put, any man who makes this claim and isn’t the second coming of Jesus is a liar.

I don’t know a single man who hasn’t acted inappropriately with regard to a woman (or another man, if gay) at some point in his adult life. Some men brag about their sexual conquests to their buddies or on social media. Some mime sexual acts to make their boorish buddies laugh. Some quote inappropriate comedians at socially awkward times. Some reveal personal secrets they were told by a woman in confidence. Some sleep around with their buddies’ girlfriends. Some volunteer sex advice even when it’s unwanted and unwelcome. Some live by the Triple-F theory and leave a wake of emotional wreckage behind them.

And that short list doesn’t even include so-called “inappropriate” behavior that qualifies as abuse or assault.

Every man I know has done at least one of those things I listed (or something similar) as a supposedly mature adult, myself included. The issue isn’t whether a man did something inappropriate or not, but whether he eventually learned he was being vulgar and lewd and ultimately corrected his behavior. And I’m happy to say that most of the men I know did and have. I’ve personally turned down well-paying jobs at companies where the men I would have worked with hadn’t learned these simple lessons.

To be fair to Herman Cain, I’m sure that he wasn’t thinking of lewd or crass behavior when he claimed he’d never behaved inappropriately. But last I checked, something that was “inappropriate” was merely lacking in propriety, not something that could be a felony.

Which means that in addition to Cain being a liar, he’s also someone who thinks that sexual assault is merely improper, not criminal. And that makes him unfit to be the President of the United States.

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  1. I have argued before that Herman Cain is an irrelevant sideshow, just the latest manifestation of the strange Republican inability to distinguish political leaders from media personalities., and I stick to that. As much as I would love to see the faces of some of the southern Tea Partiers heading into the voting booth to choose between Herman and Barack, it ain’t gonna happen. That he has any traction at all is more a testament to the weakness of the field and the fact that he stands out from the crowd.

    BUT aside from that clown, this is a lovely piece, and not much because of Herman Cain. It made me stop and think, and feel a little better about my own stupidities over the years, since obviously I am not the only one who has said some really dumb stuff at some really dumb times.