What if reporters simply refused to pretend that Paris Hilton was news?

Wow. It may all have been scripted, but I don’t care – MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski is my new hero. This is priceless.

Happy Friday, everybody…

[Thanks to Aaron over at 5th Estate for passing this on.]

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  1. He is also my hero, Paris Hilton is so annoying and this guy is just great.
    Thanks for showing us that video, I didn`t saw it on TV.

    Chris P.

  2. This clip reaffirms, for me, why I have blocked MSNBC from my TV.

    Recently I did the same for CNN and FOX since they too are just right-wing propaganda mills that have NOTHING to do with journalism.

    Garbage in – garbage out. I no longer take that garbage.

  3. Here’s another from South Africa. It was about 11 – 12 years ago and Whitney Houston was due to perform in Cape Town. She decided to make a vacation of it and brought her mom and then-husband Bobby Brown along as well.

    She was the first BIIIIIG celebrity to hit South Africa and she had the obligatory Nelson Mandela hug and “I’m hooome, thank-God I’m home,” moment on the airport tarmac. Then she spent a week in Cape Town before the concert.

    Reach for a Dream, an organisation that helps terminally ill children experience their last wish, approached her about a little girl on life-support in hospital. Could she visit her for five minutes as her dying wish? The Whitney declared, “I don’t have time for that.”

    There was an outcry. The night of the concert Whitney was too drunk to perform and her mother sang instead.

    These two stories played out and, as I was driving to university the morning after the concert, my favourite radio jock said, “And now we have a song from that wonderful diva, Whitney Houston.” And my guts just turned as the awful strains of “I will always love you,” warbled out.

    Then, winning my everlasting admiration, a mere few seconds in to the song, Tony Blewett the disk-jock, said, “I’m sorry, I don’t have time for this,” and changed songs.

  4. mika is the only one with guts on msnbc; dont watch that channel anymore anyway; thanks for the heads up……msnbc is sooooooo token!!!!!!!!! and token offering…….blech, awful, blech, blech, blech….