Trump’s Space Force Logo WTF: the greatest troll in human history

Sure, it may bring down civilization as we know it, but we’ll all die laughing.

Friday afternoon Presnit Donald tweeted out the new logo for his space force.

My initial reaction was … well, probably about the same as yours: WTAF? Because, you know:

US Space Force logo Star Trek

But after sitting at my desk laughing for five minutes – literally, I sat here laughing at the terminal absurdity of the current administration for five full minutes while my dog wondered if I was okay – I caught myself:

Okay, Sam, just stop.

Friday afternoon announcement. Utterly fucking ludicrous in all possible ways. Guaranteed to have the entire Internet dragging him all weekend.

So, what is this designed to distract us from?

Because this logo announcement couldn’t possibly be anything but a HEY LOOK OVER THERE SHINY!!

But now I’m rethinking it yet again.

Late Friday stories are for one thing and one thing only: to bury something. Bad news, publish it Friday afternoon and a) nobody notices because b) it’s the weekend so if they do notice it they forget by Monday morning. PR hack 101.

The space force logo wasn’t something Trump would want to bury. Although he should. This tepid clipart tour de farce is so amateurish I wonder if he designed it himself. Absolutely, positively no professional designer on the face of the Earth would have produced that and if someone comes forward to claim it call 911 because he or she has a gun in his or her ribs. I’m a shade-tree semi-pro designer sometimes myself and I’d be embarrassed by it.

But I digress. The Space Force is a fantasy he’s had in his head since he sat around playing with his Buck Rogers Ray Blaster Play Set in grad school and he’s proud as punch of this logo. So it isn’t something he’d bury. I guess he could have been talked into using it as a PR feint by somebody clever, but I think there’s a better explanation.

Trump really is Andy Kaufman, after all.


We’re in the midst of the greatest troll in human history, a longitudinal socio-political performance art epic of genuinely Olympian (the gods, not the games) magnitude.

Sure, it may bring down civilization as we know it, but come the reveal it’s nice to know we’ll all die laughing….