Nota Bene #79: Quantum Roger and Zombie Ginger

Lovely jubbly, innit? Allright, shut up you tarts and have at the latest S&R batch of interesting links. Merci bonjour! … “Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, SATAANNNNN!” … Almost better than a planetarium … CNN sez STFU … There could be 100 gigs of hard drive space in your toilet … Compare this humble kit to the monster he lives in now … Talk about otter pops … Chauncey Billups, class act … Just, wow … LOLZ@SUPRERTH … Go ahead and have another tall, pricy cup of Fart Juice … If you want to hear “a generative music system that uses gravity equations to compose and play ambient music,” click here … Can’t wait for Goonies II: الحرية لفلسطين … Harry Shearer rues the media silence over New Orleans’ mental health crisisMike Rowe owes this guy big … Actual headline: Colorado’s Sexy Cattle Are Spreading Less VD … May this business model bring him much success … Morrissey: Don’t buy my recordsI hope Shatner does a song about this guy … “Give him the fucking medal” … Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the pentatonic scale in a most involved way … Beefcake Putin … Stop the deportation of Herta Llusho! … Ginger Baker is amazed he’s lived this long … Bill Maher has a summer home in Somalia … Stupid human tricks … Newsflash: Dave Mustaine is sorry about something! … “You gotta fight / for your right / to starlight” … We fools rule … Tull fans: Ian Anderson talks flutes … We may be doomed, but are we doomed doomed? … Naked guy straddles car thief till cops arrive; nift, but nobody does naked straddling better than the Aceman … Les Paul remembered by his musical progeny … Sara Robinson: Fascism has arrived … A noted physicist discusses Groundhog Day … A major exhibition is in the works to celebrate the late, great Phil Lynott‘s 60th birthday … Red planet, dead planet … Rudolfo Anaya, of Bless Me, Ultima fame, has an anthology of essays out … Betcha didn’t know Pink Floyd was in a BBC TV studio jamming to the 1969 moon landing as it happened … Dawn of the cyborg age? … Yes, America has come a long way—only to devolve at an even faster pace … So a dozen armed lunatics can wander freely around a venue where the president is speaking, but Bob Dylan can’t take a walk down a street? … That’s the (Raider) spirit! … Rock titans Doug Pinnick, Vernon Reid, Angelo Moore and many others discuss the fate of the black rocker … There’s just one thing that determines the expansion rate of the universe … George Lopez has problems … Can jazz be saved? Let’s ask this kid … Egad, kitty porn! … Roger Ebert, yes Roger Ebert, explains the quantum theory of reincarnation … Radiohead note the passing of the last British veteran of WII, Harry Patch, with a song; oh, and they just released another new song too … The Gregory Brothers give us Auto-Tune the News #7 … And finally, Alice Cooper is still scaring the shit out of people after all these years. ∞

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  1. 1: The CNN guy is right about radio talkers being mostly noise. Now if he’ll do something about his OWN noise generators.

    2: So if you can turn bacteria in computers, that means I have how many tflops of processing power in my body?

    3: I can’t believe Ginger Baker is alive, either.

    4: Please, Chauncey, please – because the only thing that can stop JR Smith is JR Smith. Maybe they can talk about how Mike Vick ruined HIS life and will never play pro sports ag… Err, never mind.