Nota Bene #79: Quantum Roger and Zombie Ginger

Lovely jubbly, innit? Continue reading

TunesDay: Can music violate the Geneva Conventions (or the 8th Amendment)?

Yow. If you missed the story, US PsyOps personnel are using music as a torture tactic on captives in Iraq. How silly, you say? Torture someone with music? Well, check out the playlist.

  1. “Fuck Your God” – Deicide
  2. “Die MF Die” – Dope
  3. “Take Your Best Shot” – Dope
  4. “White America” – Eminem
  5. “Kim” – Eminem
  6. “Barney Theme Song” – Barney Continue reading

King Hip is no more: Joe Zawinul, 1932-2007

A music giant has left us. Josef Erich “Joe” Zawinul—who established a new school of music with Miles Davis and led the seminal Weather Report with Wayne Shorter, Jaco Pastorius, et al.—passed away Tuesday in his beloved Austria, appropriately in Vienna, the “city of musicians.” He visited this planet for 75 short years and, had I my druthers, would have had 75 more productive seasons before his exit.

“Joe Zawinul belongs in a category unto himself — a European from the heartland of the classical music tradition who learned to swing as freely as any American jazzer, and whose appetite for growth and change remains insatiable,” wrote Richard Ginell, in a thoughtful career overview. Continue reading