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A little something special for dBs fans: Holsapple on "Love is for Lovers"

I hope you know The dBs. If not, let me open the door for you. Peter Holsapple, who became the primary creative force in the band after the departure of Chris Stamey, had a NYT blog piece the other day on the making of “Love is for Lovers,” one of those songs that ought to have been a monster hit.

So . . . what’s my deal? I have never had a hit in my life.

Once upon a time, though, I think I wrote a hit. It was called “Love is for Lovers” and the dB’s recorded it for an album called “Like This” in 1984. It had (and has, I believe) an undeniable hook, the kind you’d find yourself singing in the shower or pounding along to on your steering wheel while driving. The performance, produced by Chris Butler at the old Bearsville Studio in upstate New York, has all the power of the best kind of rock: slamming drums, inventive bass, a solid riff and a fantastic solo.

For what it’s worth, Peter – and I know this doesn’t put any money in your pocket – but you had a hit. You wrote and produced and performed on of the greater songs ever, and your lack of a hit is the industry’s fault, not yours.

Please come play Denver. And if you do, maybe you could play “Amplifier,” too?

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  1. I got into Holsapple when he was playing with REM in the late 80s and early 90s. He had a falling out with them: He was like one of the band but wasn’t one of the band, and i guess that led to hard feelings. I wondered what happened to him after that.

  2. Agree: dBs’ “Love Is for Lovers” is a classic power pop song, the kind you scratch your head and wonder why it wasn’t a huge hit. Then again, there’ve been so many songs I’ve loved over the decades that never made it onto the charts — any charts — even though I thought they deserved to.