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Snow jobless?

White House spokesjobber Tony Snow said on a radio show that he is not going to stick around for the end of Bush’s term, following Karl Rove out the door.

Snow won’t be alone. He’s gotten word from White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten that more resignations are forthcoming “in the next month or so.” Big names too, apparently. Gonzales? Gates? Rice? Laura Bush?

Hey now, glum Dubya loyalists… turn that frown upside down. There are no quitters here, just “noble resigners” who’ve done their bit for king and country and can now exploit the lecture circuit… er, return to the private sector and spend more time with their families.

Sigh… if only US troops in Iraq had the same option.

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  2. The Bush administration might be in its death throes. But it’s dangerous like a wounded animal. And it’s Iran it’s looking to strike out at.

  3. I feel like we should hold a resignation pool. I call Rice.

    Snow’s excuse was financial difficulties. What’ll the next one be? “I have a cold”?

  4. It’s not enough. These people have destroyed America for a long time to come and left the crap for the Democrats to scoop up. And you can bet they will be blaming the Dems for everything, especially the war which is why Bush is holding out on that until he can pass that debacle on to someone else to carry and blame. Fox News will be working overtime to make sure their brain dead viewers know all the RNC talking points and propaganda by then. It’s time for us to dedicate outselves to the destruction of the Republican Party whenever and wherever we can.

  5. I being seeing an interview with Tony Snow played on a couple of different cable news shows. He looks and acts really, really ill. I bet that’s why he’s stepping down.

  6. Oh thank GOD; I thought Tony would pop if he had to stay much longer. You can only lie and come up with excuses for so long. Interesting to know who will replace “The Mouth”.

  7. Clearing the decks for the next attack? The squeemish who can read the writing on the wall seem to be running for the door…you know the one, that in their minds, doesn’t lead to the Hague.

  8. DeeLightly: “Snow’s excuse was financial difficulties. What’ll the next one be? ‘I have a cold’?”

    LOL. Or something like: “‘I’d like to go teach law at Regent,’ said Gonzales, when asked what he’ll do with his ample free time.”

    “I feel like we should hold a resignation pool. I call Rice.”

    She keeps saying she’s in it for the long haul. And now with half the staff leaving, it affords her and Bush some private time. Snicker.

  9. They are all jumping ship, a ship that Bush has transformed into Jonah chasing the whale. Bush being Jonah, thinking he is some kind of religious icon that talks to God, and the whale being forcing democracy in the middle east because it is “God’s will”. Maybe this is going to far, but they (Snow, Rove, all the people that left after the first term, and republicans in general) are starting to realize that Bush has gone a little wacko.

  10. Dee: Right – let’s look at that remark.

    SNOW: No, I’m not going to be…I’ve already made it clear I’m not going to be able to go the distance, but that’s primarily for financial reasons. I’ve told people when my money runs out, then I’ve got to go.”

    Running out of money?! WTF?

    As TRex says over at Firedoglake: “Mr. Snow, according to our records, that would make you the first person in history to actually go broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”


  11. At first I thought Snow came off like a tremendous douche in that TP quote–he’s quitting because the money’s not right? WTF?

    But if it is indeed due to medical bills from his cancer, this could actually be turned into a serious policy plank for universal health care reform. Imagine if some savvy Democratic candidate could confirm that Snow’s medical bills are breaking his bank–what more proof would you need of our broken medical system than the President’s press secretary needing a higher-paying job to pay his bills?

    Don’t get me wrong–Snow IS a douche. But I would wish cancer on no man, and if he’s really in bad financial straits, this could be a huge potential talking point for Edwards or Obama. Worth looking into, eh?

  12. I am sure the disgusting re-THUG-li-CONs will replace snow job with that bigot, hate filled, lie spewing, equally factually impaired bill o-LIE-ly. Truly fitting for this mis-administration.

  13. I wouldn’t mind seeing Cheney and Gonzales take the long walk out the door. I’d rather read about them them self-combusting though..

    When I think of what what these damn fools have done to my country in less than eight years, I almost get physically ill.

    No forgiveness for Bush and his enablers and puppeteers.


  14. All of them can still be indicted afterwards and there is no executive privelege, it would be great to have a group photo all in handcuffs, orange jumpsuits and leg irons. Priceless!!!

  15. Oh come on! Snow has the very best health insurance the US taxpayer can buy. All the Bushites do, so that eliminates his illness as a financial burden. His Fox news salary was not a pittance and I’m sure the Bushites pay him extrodinaire.

    Tony will jump ship with pen and paper in hand, starting to write his book as he falls into the ocean. All of his investments and bank accounts will remain in tact. I can’t say the same for most cancer patients in the US. Snow is insulting our intelligence when he uses finances as reason. He is not like the masses when it comes to cancer patients meeting financial hardships and ruin. He is far from patients who have lost their homes, bank accounts, etc. He should be honest and tell us the truth… I’m tired because of my disease and twice as exhausted trying to rationalize the biggest buffoon in the world to the American public.

    He will selectively make guest appearances on Fox and a few other networks for big $$$. In the meantime, I hope Snow gets better and beats this thing. Only a monster would wish him otherwise.

  16. I think Snow is dying and will soon be too ill to work. I can’t blame the guy for lying this time, as a cancer survivor myself, I know that no one wants to say “I’ve gotta go because I have an appointment with the grim reaper!”

  17. ‘Merica, it is true, i’m sad to say, not only because i am always sad to say what is true but in this case it involves me. We were great together, me and dubua, dubya and me, master blaster, the brain and the body. Why am i leaving? To spend more time with my family of course, that is what good conservatives do, run home to spend more time with my family. What is sad here is mostly that with me gone, the terrorists win.

  18. The repugs are going to create such chaos before they leave that the Dems won’t know which end is up.

  19. Fellow American:

    You have a sentence in there that needs a bit of editing.

    Snow is insulting our intelligence when he uses finances as reason opens his mouth.

    There – that’s better.

  20. What’s poor ol’ Condi going to say……no babies, no husband to go home to……..she once did accidentally call George her “husband.” Guess that means she’s staying.?