Tommy Chong drinks the FOX News bongwater

Tommy has been busier than a high-school dope peddler of late, making the rounds of the cable news talk shows. They’re presumably looking for an easy target in a stoned old hippie, but Chong is no pushover… in fact, with his simple truth-telling and laid-back snark, he shows these American flag pin-wearing phonies for what they are: mediocre newstertainment.

In this recent vid, Tommy appears on FOX News’ ‘Your World’ show to talk about immigration with the painfully smug Bush apologist Neil Cavuto, who doesn’t quite know how to react to Chong’s repeated assertion that President Bush is a “moron.” Best moment: Tommy’s reaction to Cavuto saying with a straight face that Bush “is overseeing one of the strongest economies this nation has ever had.”

You do know, of course, that Tommy isn’t a clueless pothead and Cavuto doesn’t really believe all the bullshit talking points he pushes. This is showbiz, folks. Would you see these two guys on Meet the Press thirty years ago?

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  1. As entertaining as this is, I find myself wishing Frank Zappa were still alive. Can you imagine what HE’D do to this yutzes? Chong is way smarter than they give him credit for being and it’s really fun watching what he does to people like Cavuto. But man, I’d pay to see Cavuto trying to play this game with Zappa….

    Don’t believe me? Go here and watch them in order: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=zappa+pmrc&search=

  2. Ah yes, that woulda been fantastic, but Zappa mighta converted some of the Fox talking heads right on the air. Ailes and Murdoch can’t have any of that.

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  4. p0wned

    “you wanna talk about the problem, but you don’t wanna talk about the solution.”

    Pretty much.

    It’s hard to talk solutions when the other side can’t figure out correlation/causation.

  5. Tommy is the man. Thanks, Tommy…this other guy is a total kook.

    Great points by Chong, yes immigration is a ‘distraction’ from larger issues of WAR and TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT. ($8.8 trillion and counting here: http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/)

    Also worth mentioning – why is it ok for cash to cross the border while people can’t? It’s like People vs. Cash, or really, People Looking For Steady Work vs. Free Trade. Why is capital free while people aren’t? Because profits and power dominate, and laws support business as usual, including ownership of the mass media, the people who control the editorial. On that note, it’s cool they had Chong on, and failed to respond convincingly that immigration is not a distraction, and that Bush is not a moron. And yeah..

    Isn’t it interesting that JOBS as well as good old CASH and CAPITAL get the international green light, that affects economics, jobs, industry, whole nations (including individuals within those nations), while PEOPLE pursuing a living wage get the shaft, and are labeled “illegal aliens.”

    Hey, on a final note regarding a brief mention of a possible solution, ya know what Tommy didn’t have time to say on Fox, check out Apollo Alliance, supporting ‘green jobs’ -> American energy independence and solid jobs that can’t be outsourced.

    Also check out Tommy in Greasy Rider, a great documentary that includes Noam Chomsky and others talking to cool kids taking a diesel Mercedes cross-country, powered by used vegetable oil.

  6. I have never been able to understand how Cavuto got a gig as a “financial expert” even on a lying network. The man is clearly an idiot. The strongest economy this country has ever seen? Only if you’re in the top 2%. This man apparently isn’t old enough to remember when this country actually produced things instead of just bought crap from China. How can you call it a strong economy when we as a country can no longer feed ourselves with our own farming? Or manufacture our own retail goods? Or even manufacture any of the electronics that run our military systems? EVERYTHING has been outsourced to the point where we could be destroyed by the interruption of any good or product we can no longer get. Interrupt the shipping, and you can bring us to our knees.

    Cavuto is a fool, and Tommy wiped the floor with him. He thought he was going to have a nice, funny interview, and Tommy beat him senseless. Kind of like when Stewart was on Crossfire and within a month, it was off the air. I just wish that the same would happen with Cavuto and the rest of the Faux Noise corp.

  7. Great video! Chong is awesome, he manages to throw interviewers so many curve balls that by the end, they almost agree with him.

    I would have to agree with Rori, the best part is right at the end when he says, “you wanna talk about the problem, but you don’t wanna talk about the solution.” Then Neil Cavuto agrees. Priceless.

  8. Fox is the best network going. What you liberals don’t like is that you no longer have a monopoly on news outlets. I’ll let you all get back to polishing your nipple rings now while we Republicans continue to control the world.

  9. What the hell….
    Strong economy?
    who the hell are you kidding?

    you better look at the amount of money spent to get the so called economy…


    dude you owe so much more that you make you are screwed.

  10. Strong Economy?!? Is he NUTS?! Well, I guess if your a stock broker, Corp Exec, or just plain rich then your economy is booming. But for the average White or Blue Collor worker, you have seen your wages drop (adjusted for inflation) and benefits diminish. I find it amazing that while productivity is up, (which means that the american worker is producing more in less time) that the pay for those people has either droped or stagnated. Yet with the way the stock market is going, they will claim success for the economy.

    Do you think that when the middle class is gone and there are either the rich (5% of the population) or poor people (then at 95% of the population) that the masses will get a clue and take back what was taken from them?


  11. Interesting Gary, considering the true Republican conservative position favors a small government and opposes policing of the world. You are the liberal.

  12. You people have been drinking your own bong water. The economy is going to suck – from your perspective – if all you do is sit on your lazy butt and complain that your welfare check is late. In my part of the country, jobless rates are at all time lows, building is through the roof and the average wage is higher than it’s ever been.

    From your own hippie-dippie love songs of the 1960’s: “There is none so blind as he who will not see.”

  13. Tommy Chong, An American icon. That’s the way you see it right? While he has Ted Kennedy and Dubya pegged, He doesn’t come off as any more credible than Cavuto. Nice job placating to all the potheads out there who think enlightenment is found at the lighting of a number. Wake up! That’s why they call it dope, Dope!

  14. I wonder if Neil knows that the president has NOTHING TO DO with the economy! neo-cons are retarted

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  16. Gary and AZ Resistance, do you guys really not have anything better to do? If you are both such staunch right-wingers, why not go somewhere else?

    Does coming in hear slinging mud make you guys feel like bigger men? Kinda like when you bash gays, immigrants, and pretty much anyone who isn’t exactly like you? Must be a real rush… fucking troll losers, get a life.

  17. Gavin, I’m a HUGE Tommy Chong fan since 1977. That’s what brought me here today. You guy’s suckered me in. But Tommy’s political views are as irrelevant as Cavuto’s. All you did with this post was display mutual asshattery and glorify the stupidity of it all. There are no solutions to be found here. Trolling, I’m not. Dismissing, I am.

  18. The idiot was on for close to 5 minutes, and yet only one coherent sentence came from his doper mouth. Yea, great job, Ace! Even funnier is that you applaud this idiot. How desperate do you have to be to cheer this clown? Very.

    Frank Zappa … *rotlfmao* another clueless idiot who is worshipped by the irrelevent Utopianistas. Get over it, Socialism is a failed, arrogant, and bankrupt system. You lost. Get with the program.

    Oh and if the left is so smart, how come you lost to the man you call dumb? It does suck to be caught in your own hatred.

    Gabe, Neo-Con is a racist slur. No shock that you use it. Oh and the President has much to do with the economy.

    Gavin, why don’t you leave. Maybe find a place you would feel more at home. Try China. Oh wait, they are turning on you as well. Hey, they still have the slave labor camps. You would no doubt love those. Or how about the Soviet Union. Oops, they failed like every other socialist state.

  19. Why do you guys worry about trolls…you want to just have a pack around who agrees with you? The more trolls the better. The only people left supporting the ne0s are TOTAL morons. They’re very easy to kick around. Look at what these dufi have to say…socialism failed, gitcher welfare check, smokeyerdope…the most pathetic, irrelevant cliches–just like they are. They’re running the world…that’s a funny one…ruining, maybe, EVERYONE hates them and laughs at them…they’re at 26% at home. A total pack of losers who are so far in denial they can’t even smell reality.

  20. but weak enough to automatically agree with the most brain dead administration in history

  21. what do you mean by always been done? there has been NOTHING like this pack of buffoons in the entire history of the nation…we’ve seen what the GOP can do, now…they’ve got no further complaint…they had their big chance and demonstrated that their approach is a disaster in every way imaginable and in a few no one ever thought of…the country has repudiated them and many in their own party have finally had enough

  22. sorry, i was strictly referring to the scooter libby irrelevance. As far as buffoons, I’m plenty old enough to rememberevery single buffoon back to nixon. Even bill, who I liked squandered a lot of political capital. Don’t tell me these people aren’t all buffoons. They prove the opposite everyday.

  23. Cavuto is like most “journalists” these days: shows no integrity, invites people to be interviewed but doesn’t let them get a word in edge-wise and certainly doesn’t show any signs of intelligence. It’s all about spreading government propaganda. Keep the people in fear and you can CONTROL them better. Hear me Gary? Control. That’s what republicans want.
    Keep the people fighting amongst themselves and it’s truly amazing what they don’t notice.

  24. I’m sorry but I don’t see how this makes Covuto look bad in any way.

    Chong might be right on some issues, but he really isn’t stating any of it clearly.

    So I really don’t understand the support being given to him by this article or many of the comments posted here.

  25. Oh yeah, Neo-Con is a racist slur. All those damn Neo-Cons over there from Neo-Con land! What with their green skin and strange culture! Wait! Neo-Con isn’t a race. Anglo-Saxons are a race. West Africans are a race. Italians are a race. It’s a political view point, which is an individual CHOICE (as opposed to your parents, who you are stuck with), and as such, everyone can rip the shit out of you for it as much as they want, especially if they are proposing an alternate view.
    No one can stop you from holding that view, but you cant stop us from thinking youre an idiot. And you are an idiot, Mark, based on your comment. Now, if only people would realise that religion is a choice too…

  26. I love it: “All you liberals—” has replaced “all you commies,” “all you nigger-lovers,” “all you Jew-lovers,” and so on, ad nauseam. Man, if there was a market for sweeping generalizations…

  27. Tommy Chong is right about economics.

    Not only would housing not be an issue if the economy were really strong, but illegal immigration would not be an issue either.

    People tolerate cheap Chinese manufacturing in the name of competitive enterprise, but the issue at hand for the public with illegal immigrants is not the law, but downward pressure on wages, which they feel.

    What sustains the economy is people and government spending money they don’t actually have.

  28. It was painful watching this interview. If you’re going to ask questions, let the person being interviewed answer! This was an example of someone just trying to win an argument as opposed to have a discussion. The first illegal immigrants were pilgrims from Europe. Go Chong!

  29. It’s remarkable what passes for intelligence in the right wing world. So “neocon” is racist? Since WHEN? If it’s racist, then it’s racist against ultra rich, brain dead right wing white men. In fact, contrary to what so many of you righties seem to think, The neocons came up with that phrase to define THEMSELVES. Yeah, good one Gary. With that ONE comment you have eliminated ANY hope of relevance that you MIGHT have had in your post. Your basic premise if so far off line and out of reality that there is no point in discussing anything else with you.

    So Chong is an idiot, too? Why? He brings up the reality of the situation, and Cavuto does everything he can to shoot him down. Chong disagrees with a known right wing whack job, so HE must be smoking something? IF it takes smoking something to see through the right wing’s lies, then pass that doobie around to the rest of the country, ESPECIALLY the 29% that still has it’s head up W’s ass. They need it worst of all!

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again. With just the number of times I’ve caught Cavuto lying through his teeth (and I’m NO economist), I can’t see why he still has a job, except that Faux is KNOWN for LYING, and he fits right in. For you righties, I really ask that you get your head out of the right wing lie machine’s entrails. You don’t belong there, and you are actually smarter than they give you credit for. You’re AMERICANS, damnit, start standing up for the things we all stand for, like TRUTH. You aren’t getting it from Faux Noise, and you keep parotting their lies for them. Stop it.

  30. wow, a LOT of democrats here,I wondered where you guys have been PS it’s not the bush administration’s fault there are so many illegal aliens it’s that this is a great country

  31. Tyralpha: Sorry, I’m not a democrat, nor have I ever been. I’ve been a registered independent from the beginning.

    As to whose fault it is that we are swimming in “illegals”, are you aware that fully HALF of them have shown up here since W became president? I would say that half of 12 – 20 million is a large enough number to blame a lot of this on him. And when you add his policies into it, the ones that allow American companies to shaft American workers for money, I think you can very clearly place a VERY large portion of this on W. Prior to this republican “revolution”, immigrants used to come to this country and then leave at the end of the season. I know, having family who were in the agricultural business during that time. Now they just stay. It’s easier.

    Don’t you righties pay ANY attention to what YOUR president has been doing? You should be. You guys are losing your shorts right along with the rest of us. And you insist on blaming those who have lost even more than you have for your problems? Wake up and realize that a pretty decent mount of your sufferring, as well as ours, is coming directly from your president and his policies. He isn’t sitting there in a vaccuum, though I wouldn’t mind for a heartbeat if he was. He certainly spends enough time acting like he is in one.

  32. Why would anyone with a brain take Chong’s opinion as valid whatsoever? The man is junkie!

    By the way, we are enjoying the best economy ever.

    Tommy Chong calling ANYONE an idiot is what is truly hilarious about this. There is no doubt that he was stoned on dope when he said such things.

    If he was drunk as well, would you still hold Chong in such high esteem?

    I’m not saying that Bush isn’t a moron, but coming from Tommy Chong, it is pretty much worthless. What has Chong contributed to our society and culture, other than helping to glamorize the use of drugs? How many teenagers have dropped out of highschool, because they thought that getting stoned is cool? Perhaps Chong should be held accountable for the thousands of lives that he has ruined.

    In other words, when it comes to being morons, Chong cannot talk –he is a MAJOR moron himself. He has not made America better, but he has contributed to making it much worse.

    Smoke that in your bong losers!

  33. Tell you what, Brent: How about if you define just what makes a great economy? Is it that only 5% of your population is doing well? Is it that the lower 90% of your population hasn’t had an actual pay increase in over 30 years? Is it that the lower 95% pays over 50% of the taxes, while only making 2% of the money? Is it the fact that your president, who has said that his constituency is the “haves and the have more’s”, has given tax breaks to those who need them the least, and who in several cases, don’t even want a tax break? Is it that we stopped COUNTING the number of people who are no longer allowed on the unemployment roles due to not being able to find a job soon enough? Is it that we have the highest debt that any country in the world has EVER seen (9 TRILLION AND COUNTING)? Is it that we have over 45 MILLION citizens with no health care at all? Or might it be that we have fewer and fewer companies making more and more money while the rest of us lose ground every day? Or is it that CEO pay is over 500 TIMES what the average worker gets? Or is it that we have offshored every decent job in this country, and destroyed the middle class? Or might it be that we are no longer the world’s greatest manufacturing country or importer of raw materials, but are in fact the largest exporter of raw goods and the largest importer of finished goods? I could go on…

    I’d really like to see just what it is that you base this “great” economy on. Please tell me. I would LOVE to see what you do so that I don’t have this constant, nagging voice in the back of my head that says that, by definition, we are the largest third world country on the planet. I’d LOVE to be able to shut my brain off just like you righties are able to do. But unless you show me how, I just won’t be able to do it. PLEASE. Tell me how you remain so completely brain dead and blind to the real world so that I might be able to join you. I need that blue pill!

  34. zappa i still goning strong, even if he is dead. Just so good songs he wrothe


  35. zappa is still goning strong, even if he is dead. Just so good songs he wrothe


  36. Finally! A blog for socialists and feeders at the government trough.


  37. I don’t know why we just don’t require all the illegals to enlist in the military and send them off to war. If they want to stay then they go to Iraq and fight – if they make it out they become legal. If not, well, you know, shit happens.

  38. Brent – so smoking weed makes you a junkie? Anyone who smokes weed is a moron and can’t be taken seriously? Really? Their opinion means nothing? Check into how many signers of the Declaration of Independence smoked weed. I’m kinda glad people listened to them! Smoking weed won’t make you stupid, watching fox news will. You know, like how more people who watch fox news think Iraq attacked us on 9/11 than any other demographic, including republicans. It’s no accident that fox viewers are the most uninformed segment of our population.

    Rush Limbaugh is a junkie, and he is elevated to a god in your world. Ted Haggard is a junkie who had the Presidents ear.
    Tommy Chong is a funny dude who makes some interesting points.

  39. 61. Stiletto – July 5, 2007

    I don’t know why we just don’t require all the illegals to enlist in the military and send them off to war. If they want to stay then they go to Iraq and fight – if they make it out they become legal. If not, well, you know, shit happens.

    Ya know, the idea of military service as a path towards citizenship sounds familiar. I just can’t place where. Somewhere other than Starship Troopers perhaps.

  40. While I can’t blame a man for trying to cross the border (hell I would too), it’s the blatant hypocrisy of the Mexican government that really gets my panties in a bind. Why isn’t their government doing more for their people? Since Mexico expects us to handle their problem then maybe we need to take over and make Mexico our 51st state…

    Mexico’s hypocrisy extends to their policies regarding illegals in their own country. For example, Central Americans are not just readily deported but treated in a variety of demeaning ways that would be considered criminal in any civilized country. So Calderon needs to STFU!

    Life is so f-ed up south of the border.

  41. #50 – Brent, I don’t take issue with what people want to do on their own personal time and to imply that all those who partake in burning a little green are junkies is definitely a sweeping generalization based on propagandistic notions.

    I’ve known many a brilliant person who likes to smoke up. The problem though is that they become unbelievably too lazy for my taste…from my lifelong adult observations their ambition beings to take a downward slide..not to mention unkempt, dirty and lazy. I’ve seen this happen to too many people. It’s not because they smoke, it’s because they don’t treat pot the way alcohol and other substances should he handled – on occasion, at the appropriate time, and perhaps as a flammable refreshment to be served on vacation or after a hard day’s work – never, never, the wake and bake 24/7 method. Bad, bad!

  42. I’ve read it all now…a bunch of bloggers getting a hard-on by a man who is famous because he’s a stoner!!! I’d lay a bill that all you people praising Chong are a bunch of dopers, too.

  43. Hey blog of the minute, great post, I don’t see how Cavuto could have said that with a straight face, he must be smokin some killer bud.

  44. thank you for this piece. Its nice to see some one take on a Bush mouth piece.

  45. Tommy is the most coolest man in my head and I just love him! Remembering all the good times smoking pot and watching Cheek and Chong is true nostalgia to me and the yerk Cavuto can go f**k himself! Tommy is right, dudes!
    Great post, man!

  46. Ah, thanks for posting, but I feel like I got nothing out of that. I love Tommy Chong, but Cavuto was of course not out to start a conversation – just one hell of an argument built on so-called facts. What kind of guy is so bad at making a coherent argument that he goes so far as to assault his opponent’s credibility by implying that he’s doped up?



  48. Not sure what you’re trying to imply, Sam Smith, but I’m sure it’s all good. As I doubt anyone can be that full of themselves to believe their blog is read inside out and word and word.

  49. republicans are just pricks all in it for the bank…cut-throat bastards that dont give a fuck about anyone, upper class is the only class in their eyes…bush knocked down the towers, we shoulda called hurricane katrina: hurricane geeeeeorgia bush