O’Reilly loses on “Are You Smarter Than a 16 Year-Old?”

Bill O’Reilly needs to be careful about inviting people smarter than him onto his show. In this clip, he just gets PWNED by a 16 year-old Boulder High School student.


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  1. Bill O’Reilly caught lying? Not worth a plug nickel.

    Bill O’Reilly caught lying by someone who’s actually read one of his books? Priceless.

    Bill O’Reilly called out by a 16 year old who shows him up for the hypocrite he is? Beyond priceless….

  2. He’s such a classy guy, with the lies, the taking quotes out of context, the loofa and falafel incident, and calling a kid “pin head”.

    Good for Jesse to know his opponent and be completely prepared for O’Reilly’s MO. Extra good for him to be the one who lookedlike the young republican.

    Maybe there is hope for that generation.