Horrible things said and done by Donald and his Administration – March, 2018

March saw a marked increase in the amount of narcissism displayed by Donald, many more examples of his cluelessness about economics, and repeated attacks on the civil liberties of citizens, immigrants, and foreigners alike.

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Update: I’ve decided to add a link to the Google doc that I use to record, categorize, filter, and study Donald’s (and his Administration’s) abhorrent behavior. The total list is now over 1000 examples since July 2017, when I started tracking.

In March, I counted 100 unique items of horrible behavior by Donald. This was the second drop in a row, down from 104 in February, but the drop was almost exclusively due to factors in my life that prevented me from reading the news as often as I usually do, rather than any improvement in Donald’s behavior. Donald’s narcissism rose to previously unheard of levels in March, and his focus on tariffs revealed his complete ignorance of economics even more thoroughly than his push for reverse Robin Hood tax cuts did. And Donald’s Administration showed they were willing to restrict the civil liberties of immigrants and foreigners alike.

The seal of the President of the United States

In March, 26 of the 100 unique instances of loathsome behavior revealed Donald’s narcissism. That’s the highest total number of instances and the highest percentage since I started recording his deplorable behavior last July. One of Donald’s golf courses ordered course markers with the Presidential Seal, which is not only in horrible taste, but also may be against the law. And what kind of person would be OK with playing a round of golf with Presidential Seal course markers? A narcissist, that’s what kind. Donald publicly mocked his own son-in-law after Jared Kushner lost his interim security clearance and talked approvingly of becoming “president for life.” And Donald hired Joseph diGenova, a Washington lawyer who has ass-kissed claimed that Donald is being framed by the FBI over his connections to Russian election manipulation.

There were also 15 unique instances where Donald’s ignorance of economics was on full display. After Donald’s previous economic advisor resigned, Donald hired CNBC columnist and always-wrong economics Larry Kudlow to be the new economic advisor. Donald applied tariffs to steel and aluminum and claimed, incorrectly, that the impacts would be minimal to the average consumer. And he demonstrated a glaring ignorance of basic supply and demand (never mind mental health and substance dependency) in the process of calling for drug dealers to face the death penalty.

March also saw 11 unique instances of Donald calling for restricting civil liberties or overlooking the importance of the US Constitution’s protections. As with Donald’s narcissism and economic ignorance, this was both the highest total number of instances and the highest percentage since I started tracking in July, 2017. After Rex Tillerson was fired and CIA Director Pompeo was nominated to replace Tillerson, Donald nominated a Gina Haspel to lead the CIA – the same Haspel who ran a CIA black site during George W. Bush’s presidency and who was responsible for approving the torture of detainees at the black site. The Census Bureau added a question about the citizenship of all residents in a household back to the 2020 Census, a question that was removed 70 years ago because it was distorting the Census’ results. And perhaps most abusive of all, agents of Donald’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) used private data gathered by Facebook to track and arrest undocumented immigrants.

In the month of March, 2018, I identified 100 unique items that met one or more of my 51 categories (see below for a complete list).

Date Link Categories
3/1/18 Trade war? Markets drop after Trump orders big tariffs on steel, aluminum economic ignorance, propagandist, authoritarianism, jingoism
3/1/18 Trump at odds with Republican lawmakers over gun reforms hypocrisy, lying, mass shootings, authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, restricting civil liberties
3/1/18 McMaster could leave the White House by the end of the month narcissism, authoritarianism, jingoism
3/1/18 White House slams Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s warning about ICE action authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, social Darwinism, racism
3/2/18 Wilbur Ross needs another prop, Campbell says tariffs will make soup cans more expensive economic ignorance, lying, hypocrisy, propagandist, social Darwinism
3/3/18 Trump on China’s Xi consolidating power: ‘Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day’ fascism, misogyny, attacking the rule of law, belittling people, narcissism
3/4/18 President Trump mocks Jared Kushner at annual dinner narcissism, belittling people, authoritarianism, jingoism
3/4/18 State Dept. Was Granted $120 Million to Fight Russian Meddling. It Has Spent $0. Putin/Russia-loving, authoritarianism, anti-intellectual
3/4/18 Trump Administration Aims to Gut Clean Water Standards to Help Out Coal Power Plants anti-environmentalism, polluted water, social Darwinism, lying
3/4/18 Report: Trump Administration Making Controversial “Expedited Plans” for Utah’s Grand Staircase anti-environmentalism, attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism
3/5/18 Trump Administration Official: No Exemptions From Tariffs authoritarianism, economic ignorance, jingoism
3/5/18 ‘Trump, Inc.’ Podcast Extra: The Trump Organization Ordered Golf Course Markers With the Presidential Seal. That May Be Illegal. fascism, narcissism
3/5/18 Ryan splits with Trump as GOP lawmakers move to block planned tariffs authoritarianism, jingoism, economic ignorance, demagoguery
3/5/18 Here’s what we know the US government isn’t doing about Russia belittling people, misogyny, hypocrisy, propagandist, demagoguery
3/5/18 Trump nominates Dow Chemical official to lead emergency response to toxic spills anti-environmentalism, polluted water
3/5/18 Environmental group says it will sue over inactivity on Allegheny County air pollution permits anti-environmentalism, polluted air, authoritarianism
3/6/18 Trump Administration Reverses Promise To Ban Elephant Hunt Trophies anti-science, anti-environmentalism, lying
3/6/18 White House continues to delay gun proposals amid uncertainty mass shootings, hypocrisy, lying, propagandist, demaogoguery
3/6/18 Trump sues California over immigration policies authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, racism, race baiting
3/6/18 Environmental racism case: EPA rejects Alabama town’s claim over toxic landfill anti-environmentalism, authoritarianism, social Darwinism, racism, no business ethics, white male privilenge
3/6/18 Kellyanne Conway Violated Federal Ethics Rules, Watchdog Agency Says hypocrisy, authoritarianism
3/6/18 Gary Cohn Says He Will Resign as Trump’s Top Economic Adviser economic ignorance, narcissism, authoritarianism, jingoism
3/7/18 President Trump’s lawyer secured a restraining order against porn star Stormy Daniels adultery, hypocrisy, narcissism, authoritarianism
3/7/18 The Trump Administration Is Failing to Uphold Its Commitments to Vietnamese Refugees immigrant-hating, authoritarianism, racism, hypocrisy
3/7/18 Betsy DeVos addresses education inequality during SXSW panel anti-education, anti-intellectual, anti-science, demagoguery, propaganda
3/8/18 Trump administration gives final say on money for family planning to abstinence advocate anti-science, anti-education, social Darwinism, authoritarianism, demagoguery
3/8/18 White House Aide Launches First Wave in Final-Days PA Push authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law
3/8/18 Tillerson, in Africa, Dodges Questions on Vulgarity and Trolling China-hating, lying, jingoism, Putin/Russia-loving
3/9/18 Trump-Kim talks show US strategy is working – VP Pence nuclear proliferation, hypocrisy, lying, narcissism, propagandist
3/9/18 Ryan Zinke Spent $139K On Doors—Here Are All the Trump Officials Accused of Misspending Taxpayer Dollars no business ethics, white male privilege
3/9/18 Injured Nuclear Workers Finally Had Support. The Trump Administration Has Mothballed It. authoritarianism, lying, hypocrisy, demagoguery, propagandist
3/9/18 EPA Environmental Justice Adviser Ran a Company Where 40 Workers Inhaled Deadly Plutonium hypocrisy, belittling people, anti-environmentalism, social Darwinism
3/9/18 Trump’s administration wants scientists to stop describing effects of climate change as “dramatic” climate change denial, anti-science, anti-intellectual, authoritarianism
3/9/18 Trump administration unfurls a veil of secrecy authoritarianism, hypocrisy, anti-science, attacking the rule of law, anti-intellectual, misogyny, anti-environmentalism, polluted air, climate change denial
3/10/18 At Pennsylvania rally, Trump again calls for the death penalty for drug dealers attacking the media, authoritarianism, demaogoguery, propagandist, lying, anti-science, narcissism, nuclear proliferation, jingoism, belittling people, economic ignorance, hypocrisy, xenophobia, racism, race baiting, immigrant-hating, misogyny
3/11/18 White House vows to help arm teachers and backs off raising age for buying guns mass shootings, hypocrisy, anti-education, propagandist, demagoguery, social Darwinism
3/11/18 Mnuchin addresses Trump’s policy on North Korea, brushes off vulgar language used at rally nuclear proliferation, belittling people, racism, attacking the press, authoritarianism, demagoguery, narcissism
3/11/18 Trump administration to aid states in firearms training for teachers, school staff school shootings, anti-education, anti-science, hypocrisy, propagandist
3/12/18 Frustrated in Court, Trump Administration Seeks to Change the Federal Balance of Power attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law, fascism, immigrant-hating, Islamophobia, racism, social Darwinism, white male privilege, propagandist, demogoguery
3/12/18 Senate is poised to roll back rules meant to root out discrimination by mortgage lenders racism, white supremacy, attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law
3/12/18 Trump Administration Moves To Reshape Who Qualifies For Asylum racism, immigrant hating, social Darwinism, misogyny, race baiting, authoritarianism
3/12/18 Trump administration’s words, deeds on Africa are colliding hypocrisy, lying, demagoguery, racism, social Darwinism, homophobia, xenophobia
3/13/18 Trump fires Rex Tillerson, selects Mike Pompeo as new Secretary of State belitting people, authoritarianism, lying, anti-intellectual, jingoism, narcissism
3/13/18 On Whirlwind California Trip, Trump Tours Border Wall Mockups And Talks Military jingoism, authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, racism, lying
3/13/18 ICE Spokesman Quits Over Leaders’ Use Of ‘Misleading Facts’ To Discuss Calif. Arrests lying, white supremacy, immigrant-hating, racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism, propagandist
3/13/18 How the Trump administration is looking to change rules protecting air travelers authoritarianism, no business ethics, social Darwinism
3/13/18 Trump floats the idea of creating a ‘Space Force’ to fight wars in space jingoism, narcissism, authoritarianism
3/13/18 The Trump administration keeps getting its Civil War history wrong anti-education, anti-intellectual, anti-science, authoritarianism
3/13/18 Gina Haspel, nominated by Trump as first woman to lead CIA, has controversial past authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, restricting civil liberties, anti-science, Islamophobia, dehumanizing the Other
3/14/18 Trump killing Qualcomm’s huge deal could prompt a trade war in global M&A authoritarianism, China-hating, jingoism
3/14/18 Senate passes bipartisan bill to roll back Dodd-Frank no business ethics, equal protection under the law, authoritarianism
3/14/18 Trump administration cites augmented reality, satellite broadband as ‘transformative’ infrastructure projects demagoguery, lying, economic ignorance, propagandist
3/14/18 Trump Picks CNBC Commentator Larry Kudlow As Top Economic Adviser economic ignorance, trickle-down economics, white male privilege, narcissism
3/14/18 The Trump Administration Is Using the Parkland Massacre as an Excuse to Roll Back Civil Rights racism, authoritarianism, social Darwinism, hypocrisy
3/15/18 Trump says he made up trade claims in meeting with Trudeau authoritarianism, lying, narcissism, jingoism
3/15/18 California doesn’t want this towering water project. Trump administration may build it anyway authoritarianism, restricting civil liberties, anti-environmentalism
3/15/18 ACLU sues Trump administration over detaining asylum seekers authoritarianism, racism, immigrant-hating, social Darwinism, homophobia, restricting civil liberties, equal protection under the law
3/15/18 US housing department adviser quits amid questions of fraud and inflated biography lying, narcissim
3/15/18 Trump accuses Japan of using ‘bowling ball test’ on cars; White House says he was joking jingoism, lying, no business ethics, economic ignorance
3/16/18 Andrew McCabe, a Target of Trump’s F.B.I. Scorn, Is Fired Over Candor Questions fascism, attacking the rule of law, belittling people, narcissism, misogyny, propagandist, lying
3/17/18 After McCabe firing, Trump attacks FBI, and his lawyer says Russia probe must end attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, misogyny, belittling people, narcissism, lying
3/17/18 Facebook Suspends Political Data Firm Used In Trump Campaign no business ethics
3/18/18 Trump Continues Barrage Against Special Counsel Mueller, Fired FBI Deputy McCabe narcissism, lying, belittling people, fascism, attacking the rule of law, demagoguery, propagandist, anti-intellectual
3/18/18 Trump had senior staff sign nondisclosure agreements. They’re supposed to last beyond his presidency. authoritarianism, restricting civil liberties, narcissism, hypocrisy
3/18/18 Report: Kushner Cos. filed false NYC housing paperwork no business ethics, hypocrisy, lying, social Darwinism, attacking the rule of law
3/18/18 China urges US to ‘correct mistake’ on Taiwan China-hating
3/18/18 Trump administration wildlife council mostly hunting advocates anti-environmentalism, propagandist
3/19/18 Trump hiring former federal prosecutor who’s argued FBI framed president attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, hypocrisy, propagandist, demagoguery, narcissism
3/19/18 Cambridge Analytica boasts of dirty tricks to swing elections lying, no business ethics, propagandist
3/19/18 As U.S. Opioid Crisis Grows, Trump Calls for Death Penalty for Dealers authoritarianism, social Darwinism, racism, race baiting, attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law, economic ignorance, demagoguery
3/21/18 Trump keeps up aggressive attacks on Mueller attacking the rule of law
3/21/18 Trump administration taps AIDS researcher to lead CDC social Darwinism, authoritarianism, xenophobia, restricting civil liberties
3/22/18 Trump announces tariffs on $60bn in Chinese imports China-hating, economic ignorance, demagoguery
3/22/18 Lead Lawyer On Trump’s Team Handling Special Counsel Russia Probe Resigns authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, lying, narcissism, propagandist, demagoguery, attacking the media, no business ethics
3/22/18 Trump names former ambassador John Bolton as his new national security adviser authoritarianism, lying, hypocrisy, narcissism, belitting people, jingoism, nuclear proliferation
3/22/18 Trump Administration To Approve $1 Billion Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia jingoism
3/22/18 The Trump administration keeps deleting information about LGBTQ people from its websites social Darwinism, anti-gay marriage, homophobia, misogyny
3/23/18 Trump talked out of shoving government into a shutdown authoritarianism, demagoguery, racism, lying, hypocrisy, narcissism, economic ignorance
3/23/18 Conway: ‘Get with the program or get out’ authoritarianism, belitting people
3/26/18 Citizenship question to be put back on the 2020 Census for first time in 70 years racism, equal protection under the law, restricting civil liberties, immigrant-hating, social Darwinism, white male privilege, white supremacy, xenophobia, anti-intellectual
3/26/18 Cambridge Analytica accused of violating US election laws in new legal action hypocrisy, attacking the rule of law
3/26/18 ICE Used Private Facebook Data to Find and Track Criminal Suspect, Internal Emails Show immigrant-hating, racism, social Darwinism, splitting up immigrant families, restricting civil liberties
3/26/18 Trump Administration Accused Of Violating President’s Own ‘Drain The Swamp’ Ethics Executive Order hypocrisy, authoritarianism, propagandist, demagoguery
3/26/18 Trump Administration Fights Effort to Unionize Uber Drivers restricting civil liberties, authoritarianism
3/27/18 California’s Ready to Retaliate If Trump Cuts Auto Rules, Sources Say authoritarianism, anti-environmentalism, polluted air
3/27/18 Trump administration botches basic civics while calling for line-item veto anti-intellectual, authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law
3/28/18 President Trump Seems To Be Struggling To Find Replacements For His Legal Team not honoring contracts, lying, Putin/Russia loving
3/28/18 Forget Zuckerberg: Why Trump Is “Obsessed” with Breaking Jeff Bezos narcissism, authoritarianism, attacking the media, no business ethics
3/28/18 Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is out, Trump announces by tweet belitting people
3/28/18 Leaked Memo: EPA Shows Workers How To Downplay Climate Change authoritarianism, anti-environmentalism, anti-science, climate change denial, polluted air
3/29/18 Trump blasts Amazon for hurting the postal service. Is that true? narcissism, lying, economic ignorance
3/29/18 US to require would-be immigrants to turn over social media handles restricting civil liberties, immigrant-hating, racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism
3/29/18 Trump administration ends policy excluding pregnant immigrants from detention authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, social Darwinism, racism, abortion restrictions, hypocrisy
3/30/18 Trump being told he doesn’t need a communications director or chief of staff narcissism, authoritarianism
3/30/18 Pruitt paid $50 a night to live at condo co-owned by top energy lobbyist’s wife no business ethics, white male privilege, hypocrisy, lying, anti-environmentalism
3/31/18 Trump: ‘Washington Post’ should register as lobbyist over Amazon’s postal ‘scam’ narcissism, hypocrisy, economic ignorance, authoritarianism, attacking the media, demagoguery, propagandist, lying
3/31/18 Trump puts hold on more than $200 million in Syria recovery funds Islamophobia
3/31/18 Fact check: Trump administration departs from reality on wall, census, Amazon lying, propagandist, demagoguery, economic ignorance, hypocrisy, anti-intellectual, attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism
3/31/18 Trump Administration Can’t Block Undocumented Immigrants From Seeking Abortions abortion restrictions, restricting civil liberties, churches back into politics
3/31/18 Foe Of Endangered Species Act Lands Gig Overseeing — You Guessed It — Wildlife authoritarianism, anti-environmentalism, anti-science

Horrible categories

Personal morality

  • Adultery
  • Hypocrisy
  • Lying
  • Mocking the disabled (or, more broadly, belittling people)
  • Narcissism
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault (and sexusal harassment)

Miscellaneous bigotry

  • Anti-gay marriage
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Homophobia (and transphobia)
  • Immigrant-hating
  • Islamophobia
  • Misogyny
  • Race baiting
  • Racism
  • Social Darwinism
  • Splitting up immigrant families
  • White male privilege
  • White supremacy
  • Xenophobia (or more broadly, Dehumanizing the Other)

Economic and educational views

  • Anti-Common Core (or more broadly, anti-education)
  • Failed businessman (or more broadly, ignorance about how the economy actually works)
  • Not honoring contracts (or more broadly, No business ethics)
  • Trickle-down economics/lower taxes on the rich

Anti-scientific views

  • Anti-environmentalism
  • Anti-intellectual
  • Anti-science
  • Anti-vaccination
  • Climate change denial
  • Polluted air (or more broadly, polluted air and water)
  • Rejects GMO foods

Social Policy

  • Abortion restrictions
  • Authoritarianism
  • Churches back into politics
  • Demagoguery
  • Police militarization (or more broadly, police brutality)
  • Propagandist
  • School shootings (or more broadly, mass shootings)
  • Strip medical insurance

Anti-civil rights

  • Against fair trials (or more broadly, attacking the rule of law)
  • Easing lawsuits against the media for libel (or more broadly, attacking the media)
  • Eliminating birthright citizenship and equal protection under the law
  • Restricting civil liberties (especially voting restrictions)

Foreign policy and nationalism

  • China-hating
  • Crimes against humanity
  • Fascism
  • Jingoism
  • NATO-hating
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • Putin/Russia-loving

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