Wufnik is an American who lives in London (with Mrs W), and has done so since 1998. He’s a devoted father of two, and a doting grandfather of three. In his current incarnation, he’s a Director in a French investment bank—previously, he was head of Credit Research for a small hedge fund, and has been a top ranked analyst. This lets him afford to live in London.

He wonders sometimes how all of this happened–it certainly wasn’t planned. In his spare time he reads science fiction, collects stamps, and listens to medieval and Renaissance music and rock and roll. He enjoys choral singing, and has been singing in choral groups for most of the past three decades–primarily Renaissance music. Before he fell into finance, he taught Linguistics and did a Cognitive Science post-doc at UCSD, but the jobs all dried up in the early 1980s. That’s when he discovered that being unemployed with two kids and no health insurance was no fun and he decided to sell out. He also managed to spend a couple of years in the US Army during another unnecessary war.

He wonders about things: Why does Britain feel the need to model itself on the United States? Why has Scotland and Northern Ireland produced the best science fiction writers around these days? Why does Obama keep caving in to lunatics? Why does he like English beer so much? Stuff like that.

Having walked the Capital Ring, he’s now making a half-hearted effort to walk the London Loop, but hasn’t gotten very far.