Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright knows all the best places to find fireflies and peeper frogs. She rarely goes anywhere without a bag crammed with multiple cameras, notebooks, paints, gel medium, mix tapes, Luna bars, multiple types of tea and a good book of fairy tales and myths. She is overly fond of dip pens and the inevitable mess they make while wielded in her distracted hands. She always holds her breath while driving past graveyards, though some of them are pretty damn large.

A city dweller whose true love is the forest and fields, she is a compulsive driver who enjoys playing endless games of “let’s get lost” on country back roads. Though driving is great fun, traveling on foot is her favorite mode of transportation, leading her older brother to nickname her the Shoe Leather Express as a teen.

She currently lives in western New York with her two neurotic cats and long-suffering always-hungry corn snake.