Jim Booth

Part I) There are at least two Jim Booths. Choose yours from one of those offered below and discuss in an essay of not more than 100 words how he has become the mythic figure that he is:

A) Jim Booth is a professor of English and consultant in writing instruction to the University of Maryland University College. In this capacity he works primarily to help instructors find ways to use writing more effectively in their classes. Prior to his present post, Dr. Booth served as Director of Effective Writing for the SUS from 2002-04. Dr. Booth’s most recent presentation was a panel discussion with the director and senior staff of the Effective Writing Center staff at the Southeast Writing Center Association conference in Charleston, SC, in February of 2006. He is currently working with his collaborators to develop an article based on their presentation for Writing Center Journal.

Dr. Booth holds the B.A. and M.A. in English from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. His doctorate is from the University of Albany (SUNY) with a specialty in writing and the teaching of writing. Prior to joining UMUC Dr. Booth served as writing center director, director of composition and writing teacher at various colleges and universities in North Carolina.

B) As a small boy, Jim wanted nothing more than to be a goatherd. Then he heard the gospel according to John and Paul and abandoned the pastoral life for the responsible hedonism of rock musicianship. Having failed gloriously in that endeavor he took on the academy, ate it alive, and spat it back out as dark sarcasm in the classroom. Currently he writes occasionally award winning fiction and occasionally homeland security annoying bloggery for The Savoy Truffle and Scholars and Rogues. He lives in a heavily fortified bunker in an undisclosed location In Danville Virginia just off 58 after you pass the Honda dealer but before you get to Carter’s restaurant.

Part II) One of the following is a photo of Jim Booth. Choose which of these you think is Jim Booth, then, in an essay of no more than 100 words, define the universe and give two examples while explaining why your choice is correct:

A) JimRicPic

B) TrevorRockGod

C) Frankenstein

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