Chris Mackowski

“It’s in me and it gots to get out.” — John Lee Hooker

Chris Mackowski writes because he has to. It’s in him and it gots to get out.

He likes to feed his head, too. His head is very hungry, so he’s always putting stuff in it—which explains his rather voracious regiment of reading. But rather than leave all that reading crammed in his head, he writes his book reviews as a way to further engage the books and share what he’s learned from them with anyone who might be foolish enough to pay attention.

By day, Chris is a college professor at St. Bonaventure University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. By night, he writes. He writes and writes and writes and writes. It’s in him, and it gots to get out. His award-winning features and commentaries have appeared in newspapers and magazines and on radio, he’s written several award-winning plays, he’s authored a couple books, and he’s currently at work on a series of books for the National Park Service about the battlefields of central Virginia.