Cat White

Cat White continues in her quest to be a modern Renaissance woman, or at least well-rounded in accomplishment sense, not the girth sense.

She lives and works on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, a vastly underrated city that she loves dearly. After stints as social studies teacher, history lecturer, marketing assistant, political webmaster and jack-of-all trades, and technology trainer, she has found her calling in technology integration at a private school. Cat lives in Shaker Heights with her husband, John, Simon the Beagle-Thing, and Callie the cat.

Cat earned her BA in History and BS in Secondary Education from Kent State University and her MA in History from the University of Akron. Her knowledge of technology comes mostly from experimentation, trial and error, some intentional investigation, and the rare bit of formal study. She is constantly amused by the irony of her rejection of computers as a career path when she started college (a suggestion by her father, who is probably equally amused at the path her career has taken).

Cat’s interests include education, technology, politics, religion, extremism, pop culture of many forms, random forays into current events that strike her fancy, and the intersections where any of these topics collide. Her writing is influenced by, but not the fault of, Mark Twain, Leonard Pitts, Michael Perry, Barbara Tuchman, Howard Zinn, and the numerous teachers and professors who insisted on good transitions, correct spellings, and overall precision on the page. To them I am grateful (now, anyway—I was probably less than welcoming of the criticism at the time).

When not working on her house, Cat loves to travel, sew, create stained glass, ride her bicycle, dig in the dirt, and try her hand at various slightly dangerous pursuits as scuba diving and skiing.