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Journey's End

Well, the advance sales on Tony Blair’s autobiography (A Journey—how’s that for a title?) must not be shaping up the way the publisher had hoped. First, we learned that the publisher was […]

That Libya thing

There’s a whole lot of ink being spilled, and much, much more to come, over the US Senate’s whining over the early release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted by Scottish […]

Media deprivation in the US

We’re in our third week of visiting the grandkids (along with their outstanding parents) in Massachusetts and I’m starting to feel media deprived. I’m a news/information junkie, I cheerfully admit, and every […]

Capital Ring, done!

So last weekend we finally finished the Capital Ring walk. This is a 75-mile walk around London, in fifteen separate walks, that takes you through a whole raft of neighborhoods, parks, and […]


So on Friday I wandered over to the London Festival of Stamps. This is this big show, held every ten years. I normally go to two shows a year, just to pick […]