Tournament of Rock – Legends: the CSN pod

Results: Despite some informed debate as to whether or not Bob Marley truly belongs in a Tournament of “Rock,” the godfather of reggae nonetheless outdistanced his challengers by a significant margin. He now moves on to the Great 48. The numbers: Bob Marley/Wailers 64%; Thin Lizzy 18%; Joe Jackson 11%; Joe Walsh 4%; Luke Haines/Auteurs/Baader Meinhoff/BBR 4%.

Up next, our search for the greatest band of all time moves to the Red Rocks region, where #10 seed CSN squares off with one of the more intriguing sets of competitors we’ve seen to date. Continue reading

Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Bob Marley pod

Results: As we continue our search for the greatest band of all time, a moral is emerging: don’t erode your own legacy. The Fillmore region’s #11 seed follows underperforming Aerosmith and Van Halen out the door, as the once-great Sir Elton John is upset by Joan Jett. The numbers: Joan Jett/Blackhearts 51%; Elton John 36%; Lush 4%; Concrete Blonde 4%; White Zombie/Rob Zombie 3%; Duran Duran 1%. Jett advances to the Great 48.

For our next match we move to the Budokan region, where one of the most popular and influential figures in music defends against another tough, diverse set of challengers. Continue reading