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Exxon Mobil is acting like a dinosaur now, not adopting to a changing environment. — Stephen Viederman, a New York shareholder, after “Exxon Mobil’s chairman and chief executive, Rex W. Tillerson, defeated […]


[P]erhaps the most compelling evidence against the existence of a boys’ crisis is that men continue to outearn women in the workplace. — from a report by the American Association of University […]

Nota Bene #22

Got hot links if you want ’em! In “Mr. Cool’s Intensity” in the Washington Post, David Ignatius writes of Obama’s reluctance to write off Rev. Wright. There’s “an instinctive American fondness for […]

Nota Bene #20

Got hot links if you want ’em! Headline of the week: CLINTON CHALKS UP KEY MEANINGLESS VICTORY. At Asia Times Online courtesy of Muhammad Cohen. (Yes, that’s his real name.) In her […]


In a garbage dump in Haiti, people scavenge for food. They look at me and say, ‘Papa, I’m hungry,’ and I have to look away. It’s humiliating and it makes you angry. […]