Nota Bene #94: Bear Vs. Ninja

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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Joni Mitchell pod

The second half of pool play is off to a … surprising … start, as Robert Palmer eliminates the highest seed so far. The numbers: Robert Palmer 35%; #7 Green Day 29%; Styx 12%; Tool 10%; The Sisters of Mercy 8%; Counting Crows 6%. Palmer advances to the Great 48.

Our search for the greatest band of all time now moves to the Budokan region, where we have our first seeded female contestant.

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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Green Day pod

Results: In perhaps our tightest and most competitive pod yet, Rush squeaked out a narrow win over Paul Simon. The numbers: #12 Rush 44%; Paul Simon/Simon and Garfunkel 40%; Phish 8%; Steve Winwood/Traffic/The Spencer Davis Group 6%; Dave Edmunds 2%; Slade 0%.

Our tournament to name the greatest band of all time has now reached the halfway point of pool play – 16 pods down, 16 to go. For those keeping score, the favorites are 10-6. Your humble tournament director’s picks are an even humbler 9-7.

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TunesDay: Can music violate the Geneva Conventions (or the 8th Amendment)?

Yow. If you missed the story, US PsyOps personnel are using music as a torture tactic on captives in Iraq. How silly, you say? Torture someone with music? Well, check out the playlist.

  1. “Fuck Your God” – Deicide
  2. “Die MF Die” – Dope
  3. “Take Your Best Shot” – Dope
  4. “White America” – Eminem
  5. “Kim” – Eminem
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