Nota Bene #117: Wake Up!

“Hollywood is so crooked that Mafia gangsters are entirely outclassed and don’t stand a chance. People in Hollywood are smarter. They have more sophisticated knowledge of money and deals and how to steal legally rather than illegally.” Who said it? Continue reading

Nota Bene #115: RIP No. 32

“If you’re really pro-life, do me a favor—don’t lock arms and block medical clinics. If you’re so pro-life, lock arms and block cemeteries.” Who said it? Continue reading

Nota Bene #105: The Illustrated Dick

“When all you are becomes defined as the amount of information traceable to you, what are we then? What have we become, in a world where there is no separation, no door, no filter beyond which we can say, ‘No. This is my personal space. Not yours. Here I am alone with my thoughts and free of any outside influence or control. This, you cannot have.’ I don’t know, but I don’t want to find out.” Who said it? Continue reading

Nota Bene #85: Beer Votes and Rock Quotes

Summer is gone Continue reading

FrankZ Friday – Time for a “trip” down the road

Inca Roads,” to be precise. Here, have a plateful of genius… it’s Frank Zappa with Mothers of Invention George Duke, Tom Fowler, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Chester Thompson and the extra-amazing Ruth Underwood, live in 1974 at L.A. TV station KCET, interspersed with Bruce Bickford‘s claymation. Some of you Gen X’ers might’ve seen this (in shortened form) in a mid-80’s episode of the video show Night Flight. (Fans of the show, do check out this link.)

And here’s another astounding Zappa/Bickford collaboration: “City of Tiny Lights.”