Nota Bene #115: RIP No. 32

“If you’re really pro-life, do me a favor—don’t lock arms and block medical clinics. If you’re so pro-life, lock arms and block cemeteries.” Who said it? Continue reading

Bloggers and, not vs., the traditional media

Today’s discussion on the alleged conflicts between the mainstream media and the blogosphere (Who’s Driving Whom: the Blogosphere vs. the Mainstream Media) ranged widely across a variety of topics that could have used several hours of discussion each. By its very nature, it was topical at best, distracting in an interesting way at worst. But by the choice of moderator and panelists, it was clear that the point of this panel was not to address how bloggers and the MSM are at each other’s throats, but rather how they could, and should, work together in a symbiotic fashion. Continue reading