Tokyo laundromatters

“I’m down at the laundromat trying to get my washing done.” –The Pretenders

Part of my S&R Tokyo Series

When I travel to Tokyo I stay in an apartment building in Nakano 5-chome. There’s a small laundromat a five minute walk away that’s not only convenient for quickly doing several loads of wash, but is also on occasion a great place to photograph people. Behold…

He seemed like a college student to me, but my Japanese is bad so I didn’t ask…

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Nota Bene #111: Mmmmm… Beeeeeer

Sorry for the long absence. Let’s carry on, shall we? “If you listen to the guys up in the stands, pretty soon you’ll be up there sitting with them.” Who said it? Continue reading

Nota Bene #85: Beer Votes and Rock Quotes

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Nota Bene #84: Lemmy and the Mets

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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Steely Dan pod

Results: Those guys over there waving the white flag? Yeah, those are the Tournament of Rock handicappers. They’ve given up trying to guess how our voters are going to behave in the wake of our second straight major upset. They expected #6 seed Joni Mitchell to have a tough time, but they thought it would come from Alice Cooper or Todd Rundgren. Instead, Joni is dismissed by The Doobie Brothers. The numbers: The Doobie Brothers 33%; #6 Joni Mitchell 30%; Alice Cooper 13%; Todd Rundgren 10%; Motorhead 8%; Rod Stewart 8%.

Our ever-more disorienting quest to name the greatest band in history now moves to the Red Rocks region and one of popular music’s more cerebral tandems, Steely Dan – a quintessential studio band that’s been enjoying significant critical acclaim for some of its recent performances. Given their competition and the results of the last two pods, Messrs. Becker and Fagan perhaps have much to fear…. Continue reading

Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Joni Mitchell pod

The second half of pool play is off to a … surprising … start, as Robert Palmer eliminates the highest seed so far. The numbers: Robert Palmer 35%; #7 Green Day 29%; Styx 12%; Tool 10%; The Sisters of Mercy 8%; Counting Crows 6%. Palmer advances to the Great 48.

Our search for the greatest band of all time now moves to the Budokan region, where we have our first seeded female contestant.

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