Beat the Meetles: Beatles mashup mania (Saturday Video Roundup)

The Beatles have collaborated with some of the world’s most popular artists through the years.

Mashups have become their own art form, and perhaps nobody has been more important to perfecting the genre than The Beatles. Take their famous collaboration with Motley Crue.

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Nota Bene #113: Seth's Near-Death

“Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff.” Who said it? Continue reading

Nota Bene #93: Linksgiving

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Nota Bene #91: No Joke

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Nota Bene #87: Supersize Moi

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Nota Bene #86: Blog Post Go Boom

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Nota Bene #84: Lemmy and the Mets

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Nota Bene #82: Bølverk and the Golden-Faced Warrior

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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Clapton pod

Results: In our search for the greatest band of all time, being a high seed is proving fatal. In the last pod unseeded Creedence Clearwater Revival waxed #9 Metallica (which wound up third). The final numbers: CCR 33%; Talking Heads 28%; Metallica 17%; The Raspberries 15%; Stone Temple Pilots 7%. CCR moves on.

In this pod we move to the Fillmore bracket and #6 seed Eric Clapton defends against a formidable quartet of challengers.

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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Metallica pod

UPDATE: Polls close Sunday (7/26) at midnight. As of Saturday night our seeded contestant is in trouble, as Metallica trails both Creedence Clearwater Revival and Talking Heads (and they’re just barely ahead of The Raspberries). If you haven’t yet voted in this round of the ultimate greatest band of all time tournament, listen and make your opinion known in the poll below.

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Nozzle of the Week: the RIAA

If the RIAA were a common street thug, here’s how things would go. It would jump an innocent old lady, stomp her within an inch of her life, and then, when she screamed for mercy, it would file a motion asking the nearest court to sanction her for wasting its time.

Seriously, you ain’t gonna believe this shizzle:

The Recording Industry Association of America is declaring attorney-blogger Ray Beckerman a “vexatious” litigator. The association is seeking unspecified monetary sanctions to punish him in his defense of a New York woman accused of making copyrighted music available on the Kazaa file sharing system. Continue reading

TunesDay: Can music violate the Geneva Conventions (or the 8th Amendment)?

Yow. If you missed the story, US PsyOps personnel are using music as a torture tactic on captives in Iraq. How silly, you say? Torture someone with music? Well, check out the playlist.

  1. “Fuck Your God” – Deicide
  2. “Die MF Die” – Dope
  3. “Take Your Best Shot” – Dope
  4. “White America” – Eminem
  5. “Kim” – Eminem
  6. “Barney Theme Song” – Barney Continue reading