Beyond manscaping: age-defying lift!

By Patrick Vecchio

I was walking through our mall’s major department store the other day on my way to the men’s section. Repeat: the men’s section. I don’t think they’ll even let a guy into the section if he’s into manscaping. So—did I mention I was on my way to the men’s section?

To get there, I had to walk through the women’s section. I was passing through with my eyes fixed straight ahead, a determined look on my face so if anyone saw me in the women’s section, he or she would say, “That man is on his way to the men’s section. Look at his collar. Look at all the hair coming out from under it. He’s probably got more hair on his chest than a sheep has wool. Continue reading

Okay guys, time to man up and admit your man crushes

Conservatives would paint President Obama as a metrosexual, especially in light of his endorsement of gay marriage. But to most, he’s a man’s man — in fact, with his drone wars, too much so for many of us. He’s proof, as much as anybody, that coming to terms with the LBGT world doesn’t threaten the well-adjusted straight man’s sexual identity.

In fact, the time has come for all us manly men to man up and admit our man crushes. Since it’s only natural to fear doing so will leave us subject to ridicule by less secure men, let’s try to zero in on what exactly a man crush is first. We’ll turn to Urban Dictionary. Continue reading

Nota Bene #113: Seth's Near-Death

“Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff.” Who said it? Continue reading

Nota Bene #109: You Can't Tuna Fish

“It’s absolutely stunning to me, the contempt in which the network holds the audience. The idea that these people have standards is laughable.” Who said it? Continue reading