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A fool's errand

Some time ago, an idea to save Afghanistan floated on a few editorial cycles.  Afghanistan grows some of the world’s best pomegranates, coincidentally the “nature’s miracle” of the moment.  If we could […]

Got change?

The buzzing topic of conversation throughout liberal America appears to be just how much change the new president brings to the table.  His stalwart defenders rally to his side on comment threads, […]

Enduring blunder

by Jeff Huber President Obama has committed 17,000 additional troops to Operation Enduring Freedom, our misadventure in Afghanistan.His generals don’t know what to do with those troops when they get there; they’re […]

Power player

Those Americans who’ve spent any significant time overseas know what’s it like to be embarrassed by their fellow innocents abroad.  There’s not much worse than being accosted for spare change outside of […]