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Nota Bene #38

Links of the Week (as opposed to the Weakest Link): Interview with Middle-East expert Joshua Landis at Right Web: “For instance, we just had a Syrian delegation that came to Washington. … […]

Nota Bene #36

Scholars & Rogues’ world-famous hot links! Jeff Huber at Pen and Sword: The Russia-Georgia conflict “looks more like the relatively heroic measures Big Daddy Bush took in the first Iraq war. If […]

Nota Bene #35

Scholars & Rogues’ world-famous hot links! In, “Dear World, Please Confront America,” Naomi Wolf writes: “I had thought that after so much exposure [to revelations about US torture], thousands of Americans would […]

Nota Bene #33

Got hot links if you want ’em! Jonathan Martin of Politico writes: “Liberal media has traditionally been upstream media, generating information and putting it into circulation. Conservative media is downstream, it’s the […]