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Comedy world devastated by Obama victory

As the majority of Americans continue to bask in the glow of Barack Obama’s landslide victory on Tuesday, comedians nationwide have suddenly fallen on hard times. Some literally.

Widespread reports of comedians leaping from windows on Election Night have received little attention in the press. Some historians are likening the turn of events to the stock market crash of 1929. But Freddy Roman, Dean of the legendary New York Friar’s Club, called it “worse, much worse, mayo on corn beef bad.”

Burlesque for Obama

And now for something completely different…a group of crafty Brooklynites pooled their collective resources to produce this calendar of local burlesque dancers. All proceeds go directly to supporting Barack Obama (Obama’s campaign, though, is in no way affiliated; sorry McCain-Palin trolls). The dancers are accompanied by quotes from W.’s archive of inanity.