“And then the death threats began” – a Facebook meme for the Donald era

Warning, egregious sarcasm ahead.

A few months ago there was a meme going around Facebook where you took the first line or two of a literary classic and then appended “And then the murders began….” It was a bunch of harmless fun, if a tad gruesome, and it was especially fun when applied to children’s literature. You know, “Don’t let the pidgeon drive the bus! And then the murders began…”

I have a humble idea for a new meme that fits the Donald era a bit better. How about we take the first line of a news story and then append “And then the death threats began….” I’m sure it’ll be just as much fun, right? I’ll start.

“Eighteen states and the District of Columbia filed suit against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Thursday over her delay of regulations meant to protect federal student loan borrowers defrauded by their schools.” And then the death threats began…. (source)

“Two climate scientists suggest they’ve come closer to resolving a critical debate about how quickly human activity will heat up the planet.” And then the death threats began…. (source) Continue reading