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Nota Bene #40

Link of the Week (as opposed to the Weakest Link): Jonathan Freedland at the Guardian: “Until now, anti-Americanism has been exaggerated and much misunderstood. … But if McCain wins in November, that […]

Nota Bene #38

Links of the Week (as opposed to the Weakest Link): Interview with Middle-East expert Joshua Landis at Right Web: “For instance, we just had a Syrian delegation that came to Washington. … […]

Nota Bene #36

Scholars & Rogues’ world-famous hot links! Jeff Huber at Pen and Sword: The Russia-Georgia conflict “looks more like the relatively heroic measures Big Daddy Bush took in the first Iraq war. If […]

Nota Bene #32

Got hot links if you want ’em! In “Yes We Can,” his response to the skepticism he expected Al Gore’s speech to be met with, the New York Times’ Bob Herbert writes: […]