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Yasukuni rain

Second in my S&R Tokyo series… Yasukuni Shrine is an interesting place, but I won’t make more of visiting it than doing so deserves. Suffice it to say the Japanese struggle spiritually […]


First in an upcoming series on Tokyo, Japan, and life generally… This is brief recounting of two men from very different walks of Japanese life, whom I encountered in Tokyo near Ueno […]

Tiny woman, big butt

The smoking section for your average taco truck… Smoking an elongated cigarette on El Camino Real in front of the Kaiser Permanente hospital… (South San Francisco, California 2017. See more of my […]

Dinosaur child

With the short arms but hardly any roar… While an orderly transported my wife from the ER to her private hospital room, a dinosaur child came calling in the hallway… (Kaiser Permanente, […]