Saturday Video Roundup: Wherefore art all the protest songs?

And now for something slightly different

Shadowproof posted Let us never ask where the protest music has gone ever again.

Kevin Gosztola, a Firedoglake alumnus, raises a cultural dilemma and proposes his own solution.

There is a recurring story media organizations like to publish. The story typically asks where all the protest music has gone or something like that. Or, the writers ask, who is this generation’s Bob Dylan?

This perspective has seeped into the consciousness of Americans. One thread on Reddit asked:

With all the racial and class tension in the past year or two, I’m really surprised that there hasn’t been much in the way of protest songs. At least not that I’ve heard. My generation had Rage Against the Machine (whose lyrics seem even more relevant today). What artist is carrying their torch today?

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Nota Bene #103: Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse

“To take people from the music world and give them the same kind of credibility that you give me, Morgan Freeman, Laurence Fishburne, Forest Whitaker—that’s like an aberration. I know there’s some young actor sitting in New York or L.A. who’s spent half of his life learning how to act and sacrificing to learn his craft but isn’t going to get his opportunity because of some ‘actor’ who’s been created.” Who said it? Continue reading

Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Elvis Costello pod

Results: Top-seeded U2 looked poised to be our highest-ranked upset victim yet as of last night, but then put on a strong finishing kick to win one of the strongest pods we’ve seen yet. The numbers: #1 U2 56%; #6 Queen 37%; #12 Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne 8%. U2 advances to the Sweet 16.

Our search for the greatest band of all time now moves to the Hollywood Bowl region and an artist who walked away from the music that had made him one of the biggest names in the world to follow his own curious muse. Continue reading

Tournament of Rock – Legends: the U2 pod

Results: Well, the top seeds are on a roll now, and this time there wasn’t even a hint of drama to be had, as “Which one’s Pink?” Floyd administered the worst butt-kicking we’ve seen so far. The numbers: #2 Pink Floyd 88%; The Kinks 9%; Robert Palmer 2%. Floyd advances to the Sweet 16, where hopefully they can find a little competition.

Speaking of competition, we may encounter a little now as our search for the greatest band of all time heads out to the Red Rocks region. There, the band that defined Red Rocks in the minds of millions hosts a pod that’s packed with peril. Continue reading

Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Cheap Trick pod

Results: John Lennon is sure to get some serious voter love before the ToR concludes, but it won’t be for his solo efforts. He becomes the second Former Fab to bite the dust, as the Godfathers of Metal handle him and the rest of the pack for an easy victory. The numbers: #12 Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne 52%; John Lennon 28%; New Order 7%; Billy Idol 7%; Bad Company 3%; Rage Against the Machine 3%. Sabbath and Ozzy advance to the Great 48.

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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Black Sabbath/Ozzy pod

Results: Another upset? No big surprise there. Sonic Youth outpacing Warren Zevon? Didn’t see that coming. In any case, The Kinks establish an early lead and maintain it throughout for a close but comfortable win. The numbers: The Kinks 33%; Sonic Youth 22%; #10 Warren Zevon 19%; James Taylor 14%; The Replacements 8%; Jackson Browne 3%. The Kinks advance to the Great 48.

Our search for the greatest band of all time now turneth toward high country, wherein lies the Red Rocks region and the land of demonic metal seeds. Let this band of hale questers beware the Evil® that is … Sabbath! Continue reading

Tournament of Rock: Asobi Seksu vs. Black Mountain

In the second quarterfinal Gogol Bordello started strong, but Paul Steel finished big to win going away. The final tally: 73%-27%. Still, Gogol Bordello is better than the final score might indicate, and we congratulate them on a fine showing in the inaugural Tournament of Rock. Paul Steel moves on to the semis to face IAMX.

Up first in quarterfinal matchup #3 is Asobi Seksu, which thrashed The Dreaming in round 1. Their most recent CD, Hush, is one of the better discs we’ve heard this year, and comments from their previous match suggest that listeners are drawn to the intricacy of their new, leaner sound.

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