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St. Patrick’s Day: wearing o’ the black

Originally posted 3.17.08 and re-posted each St. Patrick’s Day. I won’t be wearing green today. Don’t get me wrong – like many Americans, I’ve got plenty of Irish blood in my veins, and I’m quite happy to celebrate that heritage. But this St. Patrick thing… Sadly, very few […]

God's slam poet

So the Rev. Joseph Lowery is among the many fine individuals newly awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for 2009. The good reverend has had a long and storied career, with a recent highlight being his poetic excoriation of the Bush administration with President George W. Bush himself […]

Phone call from Camelot

By Patrick Vecchio I got home from running a few errands today and the numeral “1” was flashing red on the answering machine. The message was for me — and it was from Caroline Kennedy. “Hey, Pat,” said a cheery voice. My heart stuttered. “It’s me: CK!” As […]