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Blogging Blair

OK, today is the big day. We’ve already had three hours of Tony Blair this morning, but they’re only letting the public in to either a morning or an afternoon session for […]

More Chilcot

The Chilcot Iraq Inquiry leads up to interviewing Tony Blair onFriday. Before we get there, we’re gong to find out whether the Foreign Office thought the war was illegal.

Stout Denial!

This forthcoming week we expect some more outright lying to go on in the Chilcot inquiry into the leadup of UK participation in the Iraq invasion. But the Dutch inquiry report, which found no basis in international law for the invasion, may change the game a bit.

Christmas Music (1)–Best Traditional Carols

For most people who celebrate Christmas it means the usual things–family, a time to reflect, presents, feeling really full, that sort of thing. But for some of us, it has a deeper, more personal meaning. Specifically, it means “OK, now I get to go out and buy more Christmas music.” So here is an updated list, in no particular order and to be received in the spirit in which it is offered, of some of my favorite stuff, organized by highly arbitrary categories, because it’s a highly arbitrary list. There are 24 of them, and we’ll do it like an advent calendar–one installment a day–although we’re starting a couple of days early.

The Silly Season

It was, I admit, a bit of a surprise to discover that my new country has anarchists around. Not the Kropotkin bomb-makers, of course–the bomb-makers we do have don’t seem motivated by […]