S&R Poetry: Two poems from Ron Yazinski

Boulder Ghost Tour

Because I want to see ghosts,
I pass the two rooms in this hotel that are said to be haunted.
I want to see the filmy image, at the end of the hall, holding a bony finger to his lips
Telling me I’ve said enough and now is the time to listen;
Or the little girl with a twisted smile on a twisted head
Standing in a doorway inviting me in
Because there are things I need to see.
But there’s nothing but closed doors and a maid with a good morning smile. Continue reading

S&R Poetry: Two Poems by BD Feil

Backyard Coyote

Out in the open between the two willows unshaven
a little too lean for song
coffee for dinner last night cigarettes the night before
he strains to see what I load
and I strain back so as to record him for the telling
posing myself in mid-air Hefty bag stretched tight
cans and bottles returnable harvest at ten cents a shot
nothing to sneeze at he nods

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S&R Poetry: "One Fifth of Humanity," by Lee Stern

One fifth of humanity was marching into Portugal.
It was bringing with it
large barrels of its family’s familiar salt.
It tried to place one of the barrels
at one end
of a seesaw that was no longer capable of being fixed.
I knew, because I was at the other end of the seesaw.
I was asking the wind why it didn’t want my signature included.
I was passing out chocolate to anyone who could speak. Continue reading

S&R Poetry: Architeuthis, by MJ De Angelis

Scholars & Rogues Poetry


This song is not for the shivering sleepless child
huddled in a cardboard box above a restless alley
watching a smog-orange midnight sky
through the rusted bars of a fire escape
praying no monster climbs up and tries to take her.

No, I dedicate this song to you, Architeuthis.
You have not stumbled and fumbled with words,
never trembled in the face of meaninglessness.

Let the lines of this song become tentacles.
Let them draw meaning out of you
and ever closer to my eager snapping beak.


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S&R Poetry: "Marilyn Manson Talks About Lewis Carroll" by Ron Riekki

Scholars & Rogues Poetry

"Marilyn Manson Talks About Lewis Carroll"
      by Ron Riekki

cobweb tattoo, alice is never described as a blonde, hair like a pet, nine light bulbs, eyes sent to jail, a
recipe for schizophrenic—and at the time—aphasia, black, arterial bleed lips, wires, it’s very raw,
innocence demons, I have to scratch my groin while listening, calm calculated kind


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