Tournament of Rock: The 5280 – congratulations to Space Team Electra


And the results are in. The vote was very tight – 52% to 48% – and the victor in the finals of the Tournament of Rock: The 5280 is the late great Space Team Electra. Congrats to Myshel, Bill, Greg and Kit, who are without questions one of the best bands I have ever heard. Many of you might not have heard of them, sadly, and if that’s the case you owe it to yourself to get your hands on a copy of The Vortex Flower or The Intergalactic Torch Song.

Major props are also due to runner-ups Fiction 8 – Mardi, Heather and our good friend Michael. Continue reading

Tournament of Rock: The 5280 FINALS – Space Team Electra vs Fiction 8


In our second semifinal Space Team Electra thumped Snake Rattle Rattle Snake to advance to the grand final.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what to tell you – these are my two favorite Colorado bands ever, I’m friends with both bands, and have even co-written some songs with one of them. There are no bad votes here.

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Tournament of Rock: The 5280 – Space Team Electra vs Snake Rattle Rattle Snake


In our first semifinal match Fiction 8 nipped Big Head Todd & the Monsters to advance to the finals.

Our second semi showdown features a band I have argued is the greatest in Colorado history vs a band that may well be the greatest of the present day (although that’s up to the voters to decide, init?). The bands have a lot in common. Both are fronted by riveting, enigmatic women. Both thrive on atmosphere and texture. And neither is afraid of the dark. Continue reading

Tournament of Rock: Big Head Todd & the Monsters vs Munly


In the final match of round #3, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake thrashed Tennis and advances to the next round.

Here are the randomly drawn pairings for the quarterfinals, courtesy of

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

The Samples
Space Team Electra

The Lumineers
Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

Fiction 8

 And away we go.

Our first Great Eight match features one of Colorado’s most enduringly popular bands vs one of its most aggressively unconventional. Continue reading

Tournament of Rock: The 5280 – The Lumineers vs. The Denver Gentlemen


In Match #6, Munly nipped Wovenhand and advances to the next round.

Our seventh second-r0und pairing presents us with two bands working in the Folk mine. They’re on opposite ends of the mine, to be sure, and our readers are sure to find interesting points of contrast as they consider the dark genesis of the Denver Sound and the wildly popular darlings of the neo-Folk scene. Continue reading

Tournament of Rock: The 5280 – Fiction 8 vs Seraphim Shock


In the fourth match of round 2, Firefall defeats Slim Cessna (the first result of the ToR so far that has surprised me). But hey, the tribe has spoken.

Our next match is a dark one. And since I have collaborated on a few songs with one of the bands, it would be silly of me to pretend that I’m objective. I loves me some F8. That said, I’m a big fan of SS, too. What matters is what the people think, though. Continue reading