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The Silly Season

It was, I admit, a bit of a surprise to discover that my new country has anarchists around. Not the Kropotkin bomb-makers, of course–the bomb-makers we do have don’t seem motivated by […]


The Independent had a fine article this past Saturday on an imminent seminal event. It’s not often that one is actually able to predict these events, and this one has a number […]

Darwin Day

There are quite a few celebrations this year of one form or another—the 200th anniversary of the death of Thomas Paine (although that’s not such a hot issue in Britain, outside of […]

On Snark

I’m trying to decide if I want to read the new book by David Denby called Snark, which is just being published here in Britain. It’s apparently a dignified commentary on what’s […]

Local Hero

From time to time I wander over to Front Porch Republic, or What I Saw in America, or some other crunchy-con site, to see how they’re getting on. I can’t really tell […]