Four years ago today

Happy Birthday Scholars & Rogues. We launched four years ago today, and since then we’ve offered up 4,103 posts and have seen 31,415 comments logged. Along the way we’ve done everything from cover the Democratic National Convention to wonder aloud whether or not democracy (as it’s practiced these days, anyway) is really a very good idea. We’ve run the gamut from ridiculous to sublime, and we like to hope that we’re just getting started.

Thanks for tuning in.

Editable comments

There’s been some complaint recently about being unable to edit comments, a feature we had until a couple of months ago. We had to take it out because there was a problem following a plugin upgrade, but with further testing, the problem appears to either have been corrected in a later revision or only applicable to how the admin accounts viewed comments for editing.

So we’ve reactivated the plugin. Please let us know if you experience problems with editing your comments so we can investigate further.

Sorry about being down

We’re finally back up after about 2 hours of being down as a result of our host doing maintenance on their servers. We apologize for the inconvenience and are glad you came back to us. Fresh content has been added to the queue and will be up shortly.