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Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan is a photojournalist and poet. You can see more of his work at Brisbane Graphic Arts Museum (http://brisbanegraphicartsmuseum.
com), and on Flickr ( He lives in Brisbane, California.

Nakano laundromat


Continuing my S&R Tokyo Series… At a small laundromat in Tokyo I loitered outside to see how people go. They were slow. It was November and they were slow. But in Tokyo […]

Glow shop

Glow Shop

Journeys gleam in never-ending dusk… Before my face scraped the road, I saw a shop that glowed. I couldn’t get inside, So the tender ghost without me died. This freed me to […]

The menacing glow


You’re the channel TV watches… Kill your television? No, idiots. Television’s thinking about killing you… (Brisbane, California, January 2018. See my other work here and here.)

Encounter at a taqueria


“Someone stole my debit card,” she said… A beautiful girl, down on her luck. I gave her two dollars, she only asked for a buck… (La Mordida Taqueria, Pacifica, California, November 2017. […]