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Tamara Enz

The Road not Taken Enough is the road I most often want to be on. Join me?

Who are you?

A huge thank you to everyone who supported The Arctic Circle fundraising campaign – the residency fee is paid and I’m gearing up to go back to the Arctic in October. I […]

A letter out

Arctic Tern, Arctic Ocean, The Arctic Circle, Alaska, Barrow, Cooper Island

Part 15, a compilation and expansion. 7 July I woke to rain and so stayed in bed until it ended – at about 0200. It was mild and almost balmy out (well, […]

Liquid mercury

Part 12, in which the Arctic poppies show their mettle, the snow bunting chicks emerge, and a polar bear leaves its mark. 27 June Although my alarm went off at 2200, I […]

I almost had a bath

Part 10. The ice is loosening its grip on the island, the bossman comes to call, after fifteen days I almost take off all of my clothes to bathe in the semi-freshwater […]