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Sequestration days

Welcome to March, the first day of which is the moment the government set to make itself look incompetent if it couldn’t manage to “fix” its finances. This is also called a […]

Tesla vs. The Times: Elon Musk dusts up with the doubters

Elon Musk takes on the Grey Lady to defend his genius and honor while attempting to prove that someday soon, very rich people will be able to make very short trips with limited inconvenience in his electric cars. The point of the charging system and reviews, as i understand it, was to prove that you can use your new $100,000 Model S (base price is $60,000) like any other $100,000 car. The failure of the Times review was that it attempted to do so, and took notes like a car review rather than a technology review.

The kids are alright

Sometimes the best education is the one found in everyday life. Not a few wide-eyed foreign students in Pennsylvania got more education than they bargained for in signing up for a J-1 […]

Binge and purge

I’ve come to the conclusion that the London riots are far too complicated to be described, analyzed or understood in the pithy conclusions our media and politicians are only capable of functioning […]