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Congressional clunker

The Cash for Clunkers program is now open for business. Theoretically, you can trade in that old pile of crap currently defacing your driveway for something shiny and new with up to […]

The empire strikes back

It is a dark time for the rebellion.  Although the Bush administration has been defeated, imperial troops have co-opted groups like MoveOn and vast swaths of the Democratic Party in their continued […]


Kevin Kelly has published a 13,000 word essay on evolution at The Technium.  It is engaging, interesting and well worth your time to read.  He makes two assertions; one evolving from the […]

A fool's errand

Some time ago, an idea to save Afghanistan floated on a few editorial cycles.  Afghanistan grows some of the world’s best pomegranates, coincidentally the “nature’s miracle” of the moment.  If we could […]