Sen. James Inhofe, climate change denier, the Bible only proves you don't understand words.

Just the other morning, I ran across this article from ThinkProgress: Inhofe: God Says Global Warming Is a Hoax That article links to a short clip from an interview Inhofe gave to one Vic Eliason at Voice of Christian Youth … Continue reading

NSF clears Mann of misconduct implications made by Sen. Inhofe (updated)

National Science Foundation inspectors reject implications of misconduct made by Sen. Inhofe against Michael Mann. Continue reading

Six more Congressmen make false statements about OISM’s Global Warming Petition Project

Representatives Conaway, Luetkemeyer, McKinley, Pearce, and Poe and Senator Inhofe have all made serious factual errors and repeated the false narrative that the Global Warming Petition Project represents an anti-climate change counter-consensus. Continue reading

National Review’s new motion to dismiss Mann’s defamation lawsuit contains false claims

Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit is proceeding to the discovery phase and the easily disproved false claims in the National Review’s and Mark Steyn’s latest motions to dismiss are unconvincing. Continue reading

The 2010 Climate B.S.* of the Year Award

Welcome to the 2010 Climate B.S. of the Year Award. 2010 saw widespread and growing evidence of rapidly warming global climate and strengthening scientific understanding of how humans are contributing to climate change. Yet on the policy front, little happened … Continue reading

The Weekly Carboholic: low carbon holiday ideas

Low-carbon holiday ideas Hurricane Ike biochar Inhofe the climate Scrooge Population and climate disruption Methane hydrate drilling in Alaska Freezing permafrost emits methane Arctic ice-free by 2015? Guardian says it may be too late already Companies not forecasting for climate … Continue reading

The Mature Society, pt 2: politics and leadership in the age of anti-science

Part 2 in a series. by Dr. Michael Tracey How stupid are Americans, anyway? And how much worse are our leaders? Numerous events and curious beliefs – large and small – caught the eye, even before the election of 2008 … Continue reading

Serious errors and shortcomings void climate letter by 49 former NASA employees

Six errors plus two shortcomings equals 49 former NASA employees with no climate science credentials damaging their own reputations. Continue reading

Marc Morano abets emailed threats of violence

Marc Morano condones threats of violence against climate scientists and their families. That tells you everything you need to know about his character, and about the character of the people who employ or work with him. Continue reading

No, Matthew, there won’t be 230,000 new EPA jobs, so correct your article accordingly (update)

The Daily Caller inverted reality when it blamed the EPA for demanding 230,000 more employees when it’s actually an industry-led legal challenge that would force the increase. Continue reading

Most speakers at the 6th International Conference on Climate Change misidentified as scientists

The sixth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC), a large gathering of human-caused climate disruption deniers that is sponsored by the Heartland Institute, opens tomorrow morning. The frontpage for the conference website makes a number of misleading or false statements, … Continue reading

Spiderman 4 preview: Who Would Jesus Whack?

Remember the scene in Spiderman 3 when Eddie Brock (played by Topher Grace) goes to church and prays that God will kill Peter Parker? That probably got a laugh out of most viewers because, well, how over-the-top preposterous is it … Continue reading

Climategate? Not likely.

In case you were unaware, hackers got into the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) servers and published hundreds to thousands of documents and private communications from CRU climate scientists that pertain to climate disruption. And the climate … Continue reading

The Weekly Carboholic: U.S. consumer choices control U.S. carbon emissions

U.S. consumer choices control U.S. carbon emissions The financial bailout will affect how the world addresses global heating Arctic ocean may absorb more CO2 Scientists don’t know what fewer sunspots means for global heating The choices that U.S. consumers make … Continue reading

400 scientists deny the importance of global heating

Yesterday, global heating denier-in-chief Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma released a list of 400 scientists from around the world who deny that global heating is occurring, that it’s as bad as the prevailing theories say it is, that we can … Continue reading

Remembering Rachel Carson: Coburn’s attack on ‘Silent Spring’ is political, misguided

An Oklahoma senator has dismissed the work of one of America’s most important researchers as “junk science.” What is the truth about the science generated by Rachel Carson in “Silent Spring,” her landmark book about chemical pesticides that gave birth … Continue reading