Legal, but not constitutional: how the government is weasel wording the public about Edward Snowden and the NSA

The Edward Snowden/NSA/PRISM uproar continues, and in the argument over whether or not he’s a Real American Patriot or your basic criminal vigilante the whole fucking point is getting lost. In fact, that argument is precisely the one that the … Continue reading

Prediction: Snowden/NSA case guarantees that the 2016 campaign is going to be weird, infested with irony

Edward Snowden’s status has rapidly transformed from “anonymous consultant drone” to “popular hero,” hasn’t it? In an age of cheap convenience, bread and circuses, the complete cooption of government by the corporate elite and an unprecedented culture of political Newspeak, … Continue reading

It’s SchadenFriday! Who really got theirs this week?

Sadly, nobody really.  Surprising no one, I’m sure, it can be terribly difficult to find tales of people who actually get the full spectrum what’s coming to them. That’s the degree of trouble that causes me the most perverse dance-a-jig-on-a-grave … Continue reading