Donald Trump

New Yorker starts analysis of Trump with, “honestly…”

What have we learned about that? Well, actually, the headline is just a hair away from that, “Being honest about Trump.” I think it qualifies, though. So would WSJ in this piece, I think. For all of my complaints about … Continue reading


When is sharing a password a federal crime? And when isn’t it?

By Carole McNall I glanced at the sexy headline: Sharing your Netflix password is now a federal crime, court rules. Intrigued, I read the story. Then I read the court case, United States v. Nosal. I discovered, within a page … Continue reading

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Another Fourth, another episode of blissful national blindness

No red, white, and blue adorn my flagpole. No patriotic bunting arches over my front door. No fireworks await their flaming demise. I no longer enjoy the nation’s formal parting from Great Britain (which was on July 2, anyway). I … Continue reading

Trump Cook Out

Hypocrisy Watch: FOX reporter cares deeply about the liberty of those who agree with him

Donald Trump, Kim Davis and Cook Out: because the Constitution guarantees redeemed sinners the right to fast food. First, the headline: ‘Hell No!’ Cashier refuses to serve Trump backers Shannon Riggs and her cousins were famished after attending a Donald Trump rally … Continue reading


Newspapers’ big problem: failure to distinguish meaningful from meaningless

Warren Buffett, the newspaper-loving Oracle of Omaha, isn’t loving newspapers quite as much these days. Speaking of the industry’s attempts to create a viable business plan, he told USA Today’s Rem Rieder, “We haven’t cracked the code yet.” Said Buffett: … Continue reading