Donald’s long history of doing things just because he can

We shouldn’t be surprised by Donald’s willingness to do whatever he can get away with. He’s been doing things because he can, without caring for whether he should, most of his life. Continue reading

Journalism’s new (not really) vehicle for delivering news — email newsletters

I don’t read The Washington Post any more. I don’t see a hard copy. I don’t go prowling around its website. Instead, I read four of its newsletters delivered by email every day. In fact, WashPo offers 68 newsletters culled … Continue reading

Yakuza leisure dōjō

Let’s alcohol with happy gangster human… Third in my ongoing S&R Tokyo Series. Here’s part one and part two. In Asakusa at Kamiya Bar (神谷バー) you never know who you might meet. My wife and I were drinking there one … Continue reading

Donald’s “judge shopping” anti-liberal dog whistle tweets (Updated)

Update: I got two terms confused, “judge shopping” vs. “jurisdictional arbitrage.” I’ve updated the paragraph accordingly On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge William H. Orrick of California stopped implementation of Donald’s executive order to eliminate money for sanctuary cities because it … Continue reading

Pedophilia and our sexualized media: is naïveté a good thing or a bad thing?

The Mr. C case has me wondering if widespread familiarity with sexual themes and content makes today’s youth more or less susceptible to pedophiles. Part 2 of a series. UPDATE: As explained in the update to part 1, Mr. C is … Continue reading

United Airlines and its ‘calculated misery’: happy customers just aren’t needed to make money

The future of Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines, has just been re-accommodated. You remember him, of course. After airport dragoons dragged a boarded, seated, paying customer off a United aircraft, Munoz’s first PR apology contained what Scholars & … Continue reading

Anniversary journalism? Well, mostly it just sucks.

In early April 1970, I walked into the newsroom of my hometown newspaper and asked the editor if he knew anyone at the state department of natural resources. I’d just received my undergraduate degree in geology. I could do that … Continue reading

Imperial Stormtroopers are precise in exactly which galaxy far, far away?

Did Obi-Wan really really say the blast damage was too accurate and precise for Sandpeople, and that only Imperial Stormtroopers were that good? You’re kidding me, right? Continue reading