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S&R’s status after April 16, 2020

Hello, I’m Brian, and in addition to my writing here at S&R, I’ve been the site’s main tech admin for most of its 13 years.

As of April 17th, 2020, S&R will be placed in what we’re calling an “active archived” state. That primarily means that there won’t be any more posts going live here for the indefinite future, but all the content that already exists will remain available for reading and linking. All posting of new content will stop until such time as the S&R founders decide, if they ever do, to restart the site. We didn’t want to foreclose that option, so we’re not tearing down S&R entirely.

Less obvious will be the changes we make “under the hood.” On or around April 20th we’re going to turn off comments on all posts. That gives a last chance for you, our readers, to comment on our last few posts if you’re so inclined. And we’ll disable trackbacks/pingbacks as well. We’ve all seen old sites left up where the comment threads became swamps of links for the express purpose of manipulating search engines’ algorithms. I personally would rather tear S&R down to nothing then allow that to happen, so we’re going to do what we can to eliminate the possibility.

There will probably be other things going on as well, but those are what will be most visible to you, our readers.

Finally, because the site is still in an active archived state, we at S&R will continue to claim copyright over our work. 13 years is a lot of words and images, and we’re going to protect them as vigorously as we ever have.

We thank you for reading S&R for the last 13 years.

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  1. I have enjoyed S&R over the years and it was high on our Blogroll when I took over Agonist. Good to see you will preserve it as an archive. If you ever plan on turning into books/ebooks, give me a shout – I did some of that for Agonist site. My thanks to all involved.