Donald has done over 3000 horrible things in 49 different categories over the last 2 1/2 years

Donald Trump mocking reporter Serge Kovaleski’s disability (Image Credit: DiversityInc.com)

Over the 2 1/2 years between July 1, 2017 and December 31, 2019, I’ve catalogued 3,039 unique instances of horrible behavior by Donald and his Administration. And the numbers keep growing.

Let’s break things down by category, shall we?

Donald’s failings of personal morality

  • 31 instances of being OK with adultery
  • 655 instances of hypocrisy
  • 700 instances of lying (although some speeches contained dozen of lies, each speech is one instance)
  • 354 instances of bullying/belittling people
  • 546 instances of narcissism
  • 15 instances of being OK with rape
  • 67 instances of being OK with sexual harassment or assault

Donald’s various forms of bigotry

  • 25 instances of being anti-gay marriage
  • 20 instances of anti-semitism
  • 64 instances of homo- or transphobia
  • 438 instances of immigrant-hating
  • 109 instances of Islamophobia
  • 230 instances of misogyny
  • 96 instances of race baiting
  • 544 instances of racism
  • 477 instances of social Darwinism
  • 123 instances of support for splitting up immigrant families
  • 215 instances of white male privilege
  • 108 instances of white supremacy
  • 176 instances of xenophobia or dehumanizing people

Donald’s loathsome social policies

  • 52 instances of supporting abortion restrictions
  • 1171 instances of authoritarianism
  • 92 instances of wanting churches to openly influence politics
  • 504 instances of demagoguery
  • 73 instances of supporting police brutality or a police state
  • 733 instances of spreading propaganda
  • 36 instances of bad responses to mass shootings
  • 101 instances of attacking medical insurance

Donald’s nationalism and horrible foreign policies

  • 96 instances of hating China
  • 81 instances of support for crimes against humanity or war crimes
  • 187 instances of being fascist
  • 353 instances of being jingoistic
  • 97 instances of attacking our allies and/or NATO
  • 66 instances of being OK with nuclear proliferation
  • 120 instances of being pro-Putin/pro-Russia

Donald’s attacks on civil rights, liberties, and the rule of law

  • 611 instances of attacking the rule of law and fair trials
  • 234 instances of attacking the media (I didn’t count every tweet)
  • 255 instances of attacking birthright citizenship or equal protection for everyone under the law
  • 131 instances of restricting civil liberties and making voting harder

Donald’s economic and ethical failings

  • 67 instances of being anti-education
  • 266 instances of being ignorant of economics and business realities
  • 350 instances of unethical behavior
  • 70 instances of pushing lower taxes on the rich (and reverse-Robin Hood taxes on the poor)

Donald’s anti-science

  • 236 instances of anti-environmentalism
  • 343 instances of anti-intellectualism
  • 239 instances of being anti-science
  • 2 instances of being anti-vaccine
  • 121 instances of climate change denial
  • 108 instances of being pro-pollution

The evidence of Donald’s loathsome, immoral, unethical, and downright unAmerican behavior is overwhelming. If these things bother you, vote against him in November.

To get a refresh of the worst of Donald’s 3000+ loathsome things since July 2017, search #RememberWhenDonald on Twitter, or to see the entire list, click here.

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  1. Incredible work.
    Thank you for this.
    While this list of wrong doings is large and growing, I hope it comes to an end in November.
    Peace to you and yours.